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5 Things I Want My Kids to Experience This Christmas {and a giveaway}

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Much like you, I have deep desires for my two girls. I yearn for them to experience WHO I know vs WHAT I know. I have noticed my children learn so much quicker through laughter (experiences) over lectures.

As we rush around town and pick up gifts and head to the next party, here are 5 things I want my girls to experience this upcoming holiday season.  Try some with me!

1. He is real.

As the decorations go up and traditions unfold, I pray there is just the right moment or occasion for me to remind my girls that Jesus’ birth was real. It happened in history and it changed everything. I’ll be looking for many chances to point them back to the reason for our season.

2. You are loved.

I am often laser-focused on OTHERS during this time of the year and ask my girls to do the same. I hope that I will have the courage to say “no” to some of the busyness so they feel loved and heard. I am not buying loads of toys out of obligation, but I a few things that will touch their hearts.

3. You aren't too little to change the world. 

Each year, I invite my girls to a random act of kindness program called “Light ‘Em Up” to simply remind them that they aren’t too young to change the world. One simple act of kindness can ripple out into a community. We have seen it happen. We are already making our plans this year.

4. Words are powerful gifts. 

As we think through our list this year, we are going to start with “what do they need to hear” and then pick the gift. If Grammy needs to hear “we appreciate your help and support” – let’s create that card and then a gift to match that sentiment. If Daddy needs to hear, “thanks for working so hard” – let’s tell him and give him a gift that shows we appreciate that.

5. We can do something.

Last year, we served coffee and donuts to some of our homeless neighbors downtown. It wasn’t much time, money or effort at all. It was amazing. Our girls experienced that serving others is powerful. And gave us proper perspective for all that we have. I will be praying for God to prompt our family to the needs of our city. We can’t solve homelessness in Orlando – but we can do something.

As you make your holiday schedule, be sure to include some fun ways for your kids to experience the goodness of Christ. And be sure to ask their ideas!


Courtney DeFeo

Courtney DeFeo is a popular blogger and creator of ABC Scripture Cards featured on “The View.” She is a graduate of Auburn University and has worked in marketing for Chick-fil-A. Courtney and her husband, Ron, are the parents of two children. To connect with Courtney, visit

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