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What I Believe Mary Knew

what i believe mary knew
what i believe mary knew

Christmas is such a wonderful celebration and often our memories are associated with music. Would you agree? Many of us are familiar with the Christmas song, "Mary, Did You Know?" As the lyrics take us on a journey from Bethlehem to Calvary, we gain thoughts on the life of Jesus. But in our role as mothers, maybe you're like me and wish you could just sit down and have a heart-to-heart with Mary, the mother of God's Son.

I wonder how Mary processed the news the angel brought.

We know that she was confused initially. As a virgin, how could this be?

Yet the truth- she was indeed with child. The child of God.

I have to think she rehearsed her talk with Joseph.

"How do I explain this one to my fiancé?"

Yet words came to her and Joseph did not shirk his bride.

What love between this man and woman.

How beautiful their love that God would choose them to be the earthly parents

Of His one and only Son, even if for a short time.

I wonder if Mary initially thought her first Christmas was perfect.

Riding a donkey for miles while nine months pregnant

Surely felt less than ideal.

I doubt Mary's dream birthing plan consisted of attempting to sleep on the hay

With the scent of animals encompassing her makeshift bed.

I imagine the worst sting of that first Christmas was the rejection in her heart

Resulting from 5 small, yet deafening words "No room in the inn."

Yet Mary believed the angel's words that she was blessed to be the one

The one Whom God would use to fulfill his promises to the nations.

There could be no more perfect Christmas than this- the first.

We strive for the perfect Christmas, yet I wonder if we focus on the perfect reason for Christmas.

I wish I could have heard Mary's whispers over her beautiful baby boy

As she and Joseph hovered close to the fire.

To hold God in the form of man filled more than her arms;

Her heart must have burst with joy over the magnitude of the moment.

I realize Mary couldn't predict his earthly future,

Yet there could be no mistake as God the Son made his heavenly entrance.

I suppose she would witness the many miracles to be performed,

But there would never be another exactly like the first- his birth.

Emmanuel- God with us- had arrived.

And that Mary knew.

What else do you think Mary knew?


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