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3 Ways to Achieve Smooth Family Transitions

Much of life is about the everyday, ordinary routine- which is why we should love the ordinary things of life.  But we've all experienced transition modes. Perhaps your transition is a move to a new home.  Maybe you're changing schools, jobs, or positions within your field of expertise.   Regardless of the transition, change is not always smooth.

Our family has encountered many life transitions.  In our particular case, the physical location hasn't diverted much at all.  But we've experienced adaptation on many other levels.  I won't say that every single transition in our lives has been smooth, but here are 3 Biblical examples we can follow to effectively make smooth transitions.

1. Hannah:  In I Samuel 1& 2, the story of Hannah's desperate prayer for a child transforms from Hannah requesting the child to her departure from precious said baby, Samuel, at the temple gate.    One of my favorite points of this story is that when Hannah left Samuel in the care of the priest, the Bible says nothing about her weeping and crying over the loss of her opportunity to rear her child. No, she PRAISED God for ten verses straight for all that He had given her in the few early years she was blessed to care for this child. Her second prayer of praising God has five times more words than the first prayer of her request for a child.  Hannah's secret to transition?

Praise God for all you can see that He has accomplished.

2. Joshua: The book of Deuteronomy ends with the death of Moses; the leadership torch of Israel had been passed to Joshua by Moses himself.  Can you imagine the pressure? Deuteronomy 34:10: "Since then, no prophet has risen in Israel like Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face," (NIV) Of course, this leadership came bundled with pressure! The dude was filling in Moses' shoes!  But after receiving his charge from the Lord, Joshua relays the charge to the Israelites and in Joshua 1:13, he tells them to remember what Moses told them: God would give them both land and rest.  These folks were weary; they had been wandering around for 40 years, for heaven's sake! Yet the wise words of transition: Hold to God's promises.

When you feel like the beginning of a new life stage can't come quickly enough, claim God's promises.

3. Daniel: The very first chapter of Daniel unfolds the beginning of the captivity of the Israelites in Babylon and Daniel is directly in the throes of this venture.  As a young man, he is taken away from his beloved home and determined to be transformed from a captured slave to a Babylonian citizen who is well-worth the steal.  However, the first action verbs in this book regarding Daniel read: "But Daniel purposed in his heart…"  In the midst of sudden change, even horrible circumstances, we can follow Daniel's example to decide to do what is right no matter the consequences.  The situation may get worse before it gets any better, as it did in Daniel's case.  While verse 8 of Daniel 1 begins with "But Daniel…", verse 9 begins with "Now God…."

Whatever transition you are facing today, my challenge is that you will fill in the blank with your name and your determination to do right.

But ____________ purposed ____________________________.

And then remember your "purpose" with all that is in you and look forward to all that God has in store for the future.

NOW God….

Through praising God, claiming His promises, and purposing in your heart to do His will, God's Word projects you can transition smoothly, no matter the issue.

I would love to hear from our readers today answering the following question:

What other Biblical characters have you gripped as an example to follow in the area of transition?

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