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Last Day to Pre-Order Settle My Soul for Exclusive Bonuses

Today is the last day to pre-order our new devotional, Settle My Soul: 100 Quiet Moments to meet with Jesus to receive exclusive bonuses.

Each of our lives are full of glorious and grueling moments. We all feel the constant effects of a broken, yet beautiful world. Over a year ago when my husband was diagnosed with cancer, suffering and hardship took on a whole new meaning for us. As he did treatments and then two stem cell transplants there were times when it all felt like just too much. There is nothing like cancer to wake you up to the frailty of life….your very own life. I found myself desperately longing for peace.

It is only fitting that in that hard, hard season, this new devotional was written. What I needed more than anything was for God to settle my soul. I’ve discovered that the hard road is usually the holy road—the journey God uses to bring about the deepest change that our souls desperately need.

And as we cling to Him, He settles our soul.

Settle My Soul, co-authored with my dear friend Karen Ehman, is an invitation for ALL women to meet with Jesus…the only one who can settle our soul. Through 100 encouraging devotions, you can carve out a few moments in your day to deepen your relationship with the Lord. This is a beautiful hardcover book with a silky kelley green bookmark that will look gorgeous on your coffee or side table and would make the most wonderful gift for a friend. The release date is March 26th, but you can grab a copy now to get the bonuses below…even an exclusive Zoom chat with Karen and me!

  • An invite to an exclusive Zoom chat with me and Karen Ehman on Monday, April 1st

  • Ten devotions from Settle My Soul before it releases

  • Ten devotions from The Better Mom Devotional by Ruth Schwenk

  •  “Where Does a Wife Go to Resign”, a sample chapter from Keep Showing Up by Karen Ehman

Are you walking a hard road? Are you desperate for peace? We want to walk with you. Settle My Soul is a devotional to help you remember that hard journeys are often holy and that God is with you- and this is your last chance to grab some special gifts that we know will bless you, before if releases!

Click HERE to learn more.

As always, I pray this devotional is an instrument of peace and profound blessing in your life. Can’t wait to hear how God uses the words in your life!



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When You Desperately Need Something to Settle Your Soul

When You Desperately Need Something to Settle Your Soul

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