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Find Rest in the Emptiness

Find Rest in the Emptiness

I was recently sitting at a table surrounded by new friends when the host announced that it was time for the icebreaker.

Can I just be honest? I am not a fan of icebreakers. Maybe it is the introvert in me, but being in a room full of strangers is uncomfortable enough on its own. I don’t enjoy the attention or pressure of a game! However, it was just a small group and everyone seemed friendly, so I smiled and braced myself for the challenge.  

“I’ll pass this bag of objects around and I want you to reach in and pull something out. Oh, don’t think too hard about what you choose, it will not help you.”

Those were the instructions.

Easy enough, I thought to myself. I watched as the bag made its way around the table and an array of objects began to surface. A small children’s book, a paper flower, a plastic saw, as well as a few other random items.

When it was my turn, I did just as I was told and without thinking, reached into the bag and pulled out an empty clipboard. 

What is your potential as a mama? As a woman? Do you ever alone, unusable, or empty? Today, let's remember who is holding us and who has given us purpose- His potential is immeasurable and we are hidden in Him.

“Now, I want you go around and share something about yourself. You can tell us about your family, your ministry, why you’re here and also what you think the object says about you.”

My heartbeat sped up a little with this next set of instructions but I took a few deep breaths and eyed my object.  I stared quietly and wondered how I would connect this blank slate with my life. I played around with the idea of my lack of note-taking skills, or inability to organize or plan but I could not seem to find a complete thought.

I looked away from the clipboard and focused my attention to the others as they shared. Some were funny, others were deep and others were a little deeper.

When it was finally my turn I smiled because I knew exactly how that blank slate represented my life.

“Potential.” I said. “That’s what I see when I look at this clipboard. I see all the plans and future greatness that can happen when an empty slate makes it way to the hands of God.”

You see, it is often in the space we feel the emptiest that God creates a foundation for His greatness to be revealed.  I’m a living witness and so are you.

If you are feeling alone, unusable, and empty, remember that God is holding you. Imagine yourself perfectly content, hand in hand with the Savior His as He is filling your empty place with His purpose.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 (NIV)

Journeying with you,

Wynter, For Girls Like You

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