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Slowing Down and Soaking Up Summer

Slowing Down and Soaking Up Summer

So, you want to slow down so you can soak up every bit of summer with your kids? It can be hard to manage between camps, activities and family travel. Here's how to find time to rest in a season that can feel nonstop!

School's out and while some moms are dreading summer, other moms are looking forward to all the fun things planned for their families.

But for some of us, summer is an opportunity to breathe; to rest from all the hustle. Maybe you are in that place--where you just need some space to breathe without planning out every moment of your summer days.

But how can we slow down so we can really soak up summer and take time to rest?

Don't Be Afraid to Say No

Time is precious, and so is rest. It seems there is always something going on that we feel obligated to be a part of. But if we did everything within our scope of connections, we would never have time to just be.

We need to take charge of our schedules and be extremely selective about the activities we participate in. If you are looking for a season of refreshing and renewal, it's OK to say no and give yourself the permission to get the rest you need. {Remember, rest isn't just physical; it's also spiritual and emotional}.

Make Time to Renew Your Spirit

Just as we need physical rest and refreshment, so do we also need spiritual rest and refreshment. Use the summer to dig further into God's Word and really just soak Him in. God invites us into rest and He wants to give it us...we just need to receive it!

Elizabeth George has some excellent studies to choose from.

Press Pause on Some Projects

Rather than digging into more projects around the house, put a pause on them until the Fall. This frees up time doing things so you can be outside in the fresh air and not have to worry about all the things you are not doing. They will get done, but not during your short season of rest.

Go for walks. Lots of walks! Take the kids to the park or the pool or the beach. Sit in your front yard with a good book while your children play. Write down those things you feel you need to get done and tuck them away for the Fall.

Flex and Rest

My pastor did a series on rest recently and he had a great analogy to help us understand the importance of rest.

When we are working hard constantly and never taking a break -- yes, even a seasonal one -- we aren't allowing ourselves to become stronger in the rest period. It's like your muscles. When you are working out your muscles, they are actually tearing and the only way for them to rebuild and become stronger is to allow them to rest again.

Use this summer to rest from the projects and the activities and find space to just be. You will be surprised at how rested and refreshed you will be when it's time to get back to work again in the Fall. You'll be ready!!

P.S. If you're a working mom and can't exactly take the summer off, here are some GREAT tips to help you survive summer!

For His Glory,
Christin Slade

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