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6 Simple Ways to Make Your Your Children Smile

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Your Children Smile

Do your children see you smile? There is nothing more delightful to our kids than to see their parents experience Joy! And there is nothing more sweet than to see our children experience the same. Here are some ideas to light up their faces and connect to their hearts.

Over the last 16 years of being a mother, one thing is for sure: There is nothing like seeing your children smile. For me, there is something inherently satisfying when you see your precious gift from God grinning from ear to ear. Do you agree?

When I was a young mother I made it my mission to make my babies smile every day. Sixteen years later I am still doing this and creating "smiling" moments for each child every day. Even as my oldest is now 16, I make it a point to do things that make her smile. And she loves it. Today I am sharing with you six simple ways to make your children smile.

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Your Children Smile

1. Tell them something you love about their personality, the quirkier, the better. While this is something that most of us likely do every day, I've noticed how much this simple act of kindness makes each of our three precious children smile. It makes them feel great to know that mom appreciates the way God made them, even their quirky side.

2. Tickle them. Even the "threat" of being tickled makes each one of our children smile. Sometimes I don't even need to make contact with them to get them to laugh hysterically. Of course, be careful to stop when they ask :)

3. Compliment them on a job well done. Think of a recent job they have done around the house or a particular school assignment they've done or a good choice recently made and compliment them on it. This always makes my children smile when we I take the time to notice them.

4. Play the staring game. Ha! Yes! The staring game. In our home this is a challenge that can be brought on at any time when someone looks at you in the eyes. The game begins the moment your eyes lock and ends with the first person to smile. Of course it's usually the kids first. But every now and then it's me. Either way, they smile.

5. Talk about a funny incident from the past. If your family is anything like ours, you have a lot of silly stories to share. Bring up a funny story from the past that you can laugh about together. This will not only make your child smile but give them something to laugh about as well.

6. Watch a funny show or movie together. I love sitting next to my children and just watching them smile during a funny show. Their innocence and beauty shines through each time and blesses this momma's heart.

Making our children smile is not only good for their spirit, but it does good for the mom heart as well. Taking the time out each day to make it a point to share a moment with each of your children to make them smile is a wonderful way to bless them and bond with them. This is also something that my husband and I do with one another as well! Make it a point to do something to make your child smile today!

Smiling With You,
Carlie K.


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