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7 Practical Ways to Walk in Love With Your Family

Walking in love is something that we strive to do every day. While it isn't always easy, my husband and I feel a very strong conviction about doing our very best each day to serve God faithfully in this way. As a result, we naturally feel the same conviction to teach our three precious children how to walk in love. Below are 7 practical ways that our family learns to walk in love that I believe may be a benefit to some of you reading this.

7 Practical Ways to Walk in Love With Your Family

7 Practical Ways to Walk in Love With Your Family

Read, discuss, confess and pray Bible scriptures that speak of God’s love.

We always have scripture lists printed out that we confess and pray together as a family. For our family, this mostly occurs every time we sit down for a meal together. It is such a wonderful way to communicate the bread of life with our children and causes such a sweet atmosphere of love at meal time. Here is our current confession list of love scriptures.

Teach your child(ren) the importance of guarding the words that come out of their mouths.

It is our conviction that we practice and teach our children the importance of speaking life-giving words. We are so passionate about this that my husband and I started Learning to Speak Life™ as a way to teach others the importance of watching the words you speak. You can see the first book in our series teaching on this topic here.

Create opportunities every day for your child(ren) to do a kind act or speak kind words toward one another.

We do this through various ways. From having a special helper to minister alongside mom or dad in the kitchen, to having a special person whose only job is to "hug" others that day - we get creative and have fun with it!

Once a week, we have a “love day” that we focus on the topic of love.

This started out as something my husband and I did when we were newly weds. And now it has continued on with our three precious children. Because our children are still young (ages 5, 6, and 12) we do this a lot through the arts. On our most recent "love day" we painted what love looks like to us. How sweet to see the interpretations of each child. And it didn't hurt my feelings that momma (yep that's me) was in each of the paintings (grin).

Listen to and sing worship songs about love.

This is a favorite in our home. We are a family that loves to worship and it goes without saying that when you are in the presence of the Lord, you are in the presence of love.

At least once a month, we serve others in need.

We consider this to be an invaluable tool to teach our children love in action. As a family, we come together in prayer and see where God is leading us to serve. It is a beautiful thing to witness the love of Christ shining through our children while serving. Although our main purpose is to serve others, our family always benefits and learns how to love one another more deeply.

Shower our children with biblical, life-giving words of affirmation.

This is a very natural thing for me to do. I love to speak the scriptures and truth from God's word over our children. I love watching the look of joy in their eyes when they hear God's truth in reference to their individual lives. It is a beautiful way to connect with your child and inspire them to seek and pursue God's love. It's a win-win for all!

I pray that this list is a blessing to someone out there who needed this. I am praying for you, my dear sister. I love you and am grateful for you!

Carlie @ Learning to Speak Life™

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