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Wise or Not Wise? {a biblical wisdom game for kids}

Wise or Not Wise? {a biblical wisdom game for kids}

Looking for ways to grow wisdom and increase teachable moments for your children? This is a game you can create right at home that will get you started and provide hours of fun!

We all want our kids to make smart choices, especially when it comes to friendships. One of the most effective ways I’ve found to teach my children how to choose kindness, honesty and wisdom in their relationships is by role playing. Create a scenario in which your children have to make a choice, then discuss why and how to make the right one—before they’re forced to face these sticky situations in real life.

Here is a fun and effective game called “Wise or Not Wise?” Explore these questions with your kids and then try making up some of your own. Soon your children will be well equipped to make wise choices not just for pretend, but with real friends and classmates on the playground, at school, summer camp, and more. 

“Blessed is the one who finds wisdom. Blessed is the one who gains understanding” (Proverbs 3:13).

Wise or Not Wise

Activity/Memory Verse Game

What you’ll need:
•    Balloons
•    Paper
•    List of scenarios/questions (below)

In this activity, parents/leaders prepare a series of brief scenarios in which the children must discern right from wrong. We recommend two scenarios for each child in the group so that everyone has ample opportunity to participate and apply the lesson. Use the following examples, or feel free to create your own. (Correct answers are in parentheses.)

1.    When Lily was at a friend’s house, the friend started playing a video game that Lily’s mom would not have approved. Since she knew it was wrong, she left the room right away and did not participate in the video game.
Wise or not wise? (Wise)

2.    Jack wasn’t prepared for the test, so he asked a friend if he could cheat off her test. 
Wise or not wise? (Not wise)

3.    Tracy had a lot of friends. Some of them didn’t always do what was right. So she decided to hang out more with the friends that helped her follow God.
Wise or not wise? (Wise)

4.    Mason knew he was wrong when he took his friend’s toy, so he returned it and asked for forgiveness. He never stole anything again after that!
Wise or not wise? (Wise)

5.    Trisha was angry that Ashley was bragging about beating her again in soccer. Trisha talked to Ashley and told her that it hurt her feelings. Ashley didn’t realize this and said she was sorry. 
Wise or not wise? (Wise)

6.    Sam knows he shouldn’t spread rumors about his classmates, but he likes how everyone listens to him, so he keeps doing it. 
Wise or not wise? (Not wise)

7.    Lisa likes to play with Sara, but she’s been noticing that Sara has been lying a lot lately. Lisa told Sara that lying goes against what God teaches, and people won’t trust her if she keeps lying. Sara said she didn’t care.
Is Sara acting wise or not wise? (Not wise)

8.    One of Cody’s classmates looked lonely on the playground. So Cody asked him if he wanted to play. 
Wise or not wise? (Wise)

9.    At recess, Jenna’s classmate told her, “Don’t talk to Sally. She’s weird and she laughs funny. Let’s ignore her.” Jenna was afraid to speak up for Sally, so she went along with Jenna’s advice to ignore her.
Wise or not wise? (Not wise)

10.    Ben and Jordan are good friends. When a new boy moves into the neighborhood, Ben’s dad suggests they should invite the new kid over to play basketball. Ben and Jordan are shy, and they prefer to play alone. But they take Ben’s dad’s advice anyway and end up having a great time.
Wise or not wise? (Wise)

How to play:
•    Prepare the balloons in advance—one balloon for each scenario. Write this lesson’s memory verse (Proverbs 3:13) on a sheet of paper and cut it into portions (one to three words each), so that you have one portion/slip of paper for each balloon. Blow up the balloons and insert one slip into each balloon before tying it off.

•    Line up the kids to take turns answering “wise or not wise” scenarios. After a child answers correctly, she has to pop the balloon to get a portion of the memory verse! (This part is a hoot. Watch as kid try sitting, jumping, and lying flat on their balloons just to get them to pop!)

•    Once all the balloons are popped, have the kids work together to assemble their slips of paper in the correct order to form the memory verse.

Discover more games like this one!
“Wise or Not Wise” is just one example of the fun activities contained within my parent-child small group Bible study, Fantastic Friendship. This 32-page printable booklet makes an excellent summer study for your children and their friends! Click here for details.

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