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6 Benefits of Memorizing Scripture

6 Benefits of Memorizing Scripture

Want to adventure through scripture but unsure where to begin? Try memorizing! Here are six surprising benefits of beginning a practice of tucking God's word in your heart.

Memorizing Scripture is a habit that the Lord pulled me into shortly after I gave my life to Him. At the time I was a young college student in my Junior year at Washington State University and was very hungry to discover more about Christ. And one night during a late night Bible study session I just felt this burning desire to not only read His Word but to memorize it as well.

And so it began; the amazing adventure of memorizing God's Word. Never did I dream that making Scripture memory a priority in my life would have so many amazing benefits. Today I am going to share 6 of the many benefits that memorizing Scripture has brought into my life.

6 Benefits of Memorizing Scripture

1. It builds your faith. 

Hiding God's Word in our heart gives us the ability to strengthen our faith. Because the discipline of memorization becomes a part of our daily life, you will spend more time reading, speaking, and praying the Bible. As a result you will find that your faith will grow quickly and your experiences with God will be that much more intense.

2. It enables you to help others.

In addition to your increased faith will also be a deeper desire to serve others. Having a Christ-like spirit is an amazing by-product of Scripture memorization. You'll find that your desire to serve others will dramatically increase as you fill your heart and mind with Scripture. It's a beautiful thing to experience and watch unfold in others.

3. It gives you clarity over confusion.

I cannot count how many times the enemy tried to whisper lies into my ear that would cause confusion in my life. And you know what? Because I have been memorizing God's Word for over 19 years, the Word always pops up and immediately casts down the lie. Memorizing Scripture is such a wonderful way to hear God's voice more clearly and I am so grateful for it.

4. It gives you hope.

Having the Word at your fingertips through memorization is a wonderful and constant source of hope. Whenever a trial or test comes my way, having the Word handy at all times (through memorization) is a great hope-filled gift!

5. It allows you to be at peace.

Anytime I am tempted to be upset or afraid, the Word that I've hidden in my heart is instantly there to comfort me. It is amazing how I can be at peace almost all of the time simply because I've disciplined myself to commit God's Word to memory. I am so grateful for God's gift of peace.

6. It's an adventure.

As you may already know, reading God's Word is a fabulous adventure. From learning about people who served God throughout history to gaining wisdom for life, God's Word takes us on an unforgettable adventure. And the best part? It never ends! 

I am so glad that I had the chance to share with you six of the many, many ways that Scripture memorization has completely transformed my life! If you are looking to add the simple, but life-changing habit of memorizing God's Word, I invite you to join my free 5-week Scripture memorization challenge. Thousands of other women just like you and I have found this challenge to be an absolute game changer in their walk with God. Hope to see you inside the challenge!

Carlie Kercheval
Learning to Speak Life Books™

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