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3 Ways to Hear God's Voice Through Seasons of Exhaustion

3 Ways to Hear God's Voice Through Seasons of Exhaustion

When we long for rest and experience deep exhaustion as moms, it can be difficult to hear God's voice, to trust and follow him. These three practical tools will help you to tune in to the Lord, and rest as you seek to be intentional in your life as a mom.

As I write this post I am fighting my way through a very long season of exhaustion. You know, the seasons of life where we dream of "one more hour" of sleep that never comes, and rely on coffee more than we care to admit.

Have you been there?

Not only have I been here before, I am certain I will be here again, so I've made peace with the fact that there is always rest, if we remain in Christ. And that, dear sisters has been the hope that carries me through.

But how can we hear His voice when we are exhausted? How can we hear God's direction when the constant noise around us is drowning His voice out? How can we seek His face when we can barely keep up with life's always-moving pace? I have found three ways that help keep me in a place of rest - enough rest to get everything done and have time for Jesus.

3 Ways to Hear God's Voice Through Seasons of Exhaustion

1. Make time for prayer.

Sisters, I know that life sometimes has you feeling like you don't have time for Jesus. I've been there, I really have. But the truth is, if we have time to complain, we have time to pray. The truth is that if we wake up with the gift of another day of life, we have the time to pray. So make it a priority to take the time to pray when you are exhausted.

Pray for God to give you the strength to carry you through. Pray for God to give you the wisdom on how you need to prioritize your day. Pray that He will give you a Scripture or two to meditate on as you face the day when you are so tired it's a wonder you can function. And in those moments, you will find enough rest to carry you through. God's word is true, He will give us what we need to get through anything that we face. And rest is no exception.

2. Cut back on things that are robbing you of sleep.

There is always something that sneaks into our lives that is not benefiting our sleep patterns. While the culprit will look different for everyone, something that has worked wonders for me was by making over my morning routine. Something so simple has given me the ability to see life from an entirely different perspective which has increased my productivity and decreased my level of exhaustion. What is robbing you of your rest? Dig deep and figure it out and it will help you get one step closer to anchoring yourself in God's rest.

3. Making a plan with margin.

As you know, without a plan, it is likely that your day will never make sense and you will not get anything consistently done. As a matter of fact, without a plan you will probably just be living in a state of survival. How do you I know? Because I've lived it out. And it is not fun. While things don't always go as planned, it is better to have a plan in place than "wing it". And even better is a plan with margin so when God tells you to abandon the plan and do something else, you can hear Him and adjust accordingly. 

I have created a 52-week Scripture Memorization Challenge to help me hide God's Word in my heart so that I can hear Him more clearly through every season of life - including seasons of exhaustion, won't you join me? Let's commit to hearing God's voice together!

Praying For You!

xoxo, Carlie K.

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