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10 Romantic At Home Valentine Date Nights

10 Romantic At Home Valentine Date Nights

Love is in the air! But sometimes it's hard to take it out the door. If you need to stick close to home, you can still have a date night! These ideas will get you started on creating a special time together no matter where you are.

Valentines Day is coming up and it is a great night to have a date with your husband.  Date nights are not necessary to have a great marriage but they can certainly be a great way to be intentional in your marriage.  They help you connect and have just a little time for the two of you!  You have to nurture your marriage during those parenting years but I know how hard it can be especially when your children are small or you have a tight budget.  I used to have both.  I had three children all under the age of 4 and 2 of them were only 18 months apart.  Life was hectic and it was hard to rely on a sitter for all three kids to get out on a regular basis.

I came up with a plan that one night a week I would put the kids to be an hour earlier and we would have a date night at home.  It didn't have be fancy,actually some of our favorites were very simple but they had to happen. We both started really looking forward to our special evening.  I wanted to put a list together for you moms in the trenches of raising little ones who would love to go out but can't always make it happen.

These would be perfect for Valentines Day (evening) and a perfect time to start a new tradition!

Movie Night –  This one is one of the most common dates at home because of course it is easy to make happen!  Make a bowl of popcorn and snuggle on the couch and watch a favorite romantic comedy or something you both will just love!

TV Show Night - My husband and I love to find a a great show on Netflix and then watch marathons but of course as busy parents this can be hard to find time to do so a date night is a fun way to binge watch a favorite show.

Nice Dinner – Who says you can’t eat a light snack at dinner while the kids eat their dinner and after you put them to bed, have a nice candle light dinner with something a little more special.  You can even order out at a favorite place and bring it back home.  We love Chinese or Italian.

Picnic for Two - This can be really romantic.  Pack a few sandwiches, add some soup from a crockpot and you can have a picnic.  You could also do fried chicken or even pizza.  Have a special blanket and put it down in the most cozy room of the house.  Who says a picnic has to be outside?

Board Games/Cards/Puzzle – We have a lot of fun playing games and cards together, I love Sheila’s post, Two Player Games to Play with Your Husband,  there are some great game idea on there!  Also working a puzzle can challenge the mind and an activity where you can have great conversation!

Outside Time – If you are live in warm weather this time of year put some special lights up around your deck and have a dinner or dessert outside, swing on a porch swing and star gaze, or even take a night walk down the street.  Great time for special talks or just relaxing!  Can be very romantic and not hurried!

Romance in the Bedroom – Take a night to do something extra special in the bedroom.  Light candles, wear something special, or take a bubble bath together.  Spice it up and have a special night just for romance!

Cook a dinner together - If you love to cook this can be really fun.  Plan a special meal that you can prepare together.  Cooking is a great way to be intentional and a great way to have great conversations together.  It doesn't have to be fancy unless you want it to be.

Sit by a fire and share a passion - If you love to read, start a great novel together.  My husband doesn't enjoying reading the same way I do but he loves me to read to him and we have read some great books together this way.  Maybe you both love music- sharing music with each other is really fun.  You can even play a game to see if they can name the song and musician on a random song on your playlist.  It is just a wonderful way for you to chat and laugh together.  Find one passion you enjoy and share it together. 

Have Friends Over – Having other couples over that have children can be fun.  Let the kids play together and you have a double date or even more couples to play a fun game together or watch a movie.  This can really bless other couples that can't get babysitting to go out.

I hope that gives you some great ideas to have a Valentines Date night at home!


Angela, Together with Family

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