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Teaching Young Children About God

Teaching Young Children About God

If you have a young child who is curious about God but not sure how to help them understand, this is a great way to teach young children about God!

It's never too early to help our children understand God exists and how He can be seen. As adults, we can tend to over-complicate how we can show God to our young children.

Since they are concrete thinkers, we have plenty of opportunities to help them know God in a very tangible way. 

Kids are experts at exploration and discovery. Their interest is never more piqued then when they begin to walk and touch all-the-things in their path!

So how can we share God with them in a way they will understand?

Teach them about the beautiful world God has created and how He can be seen, felt, and heard throughout it!

Even though we cannot see God, He is working all around us. Just like the wind -- we can't see it, but we can feel it and see its effects.

That's why, Is God My Imaginary Friend? Is God Real? is a fun story for young children and a great starting point for parents.

It's not a complicated story, but a simple explanation young children can understand and continue to explore.

The book is cleverly written with a rhythmic theme, helping to capture and keep the attention of even very young children.

It uses our five senses to teach ways to look for God in the everyday.

If you're a parent looking for simple ways to help your child understand who God is and how we can trust He is there, pick up a copy of Is God My Imaginary Friend? Is God Real?

It has cute illustrations and fun rhymes to keep your little one engaged!

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