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3 Workouts to Bust Through Frustration

3 Workouts to Bust Through Frustration

Do you know that you have a built-in mechanism to take care of those everyday (or not so everyday) frustrations?

Yes! God, in His awesome mercy and design created our bodies to move and for specific chemicals to be released after we do so which can help us manage those frustrations and anger. 

Do you ever feel frustrated? Us too! But in his kindness, God has given us the gift of movement that can help our bodies combat stress. Come learn some simple exercises to overcome a grouchy heart with us today.

Cue a well-timed workout! Now, moms, before you think this workout has to be 60 minutes and extensive, it's far from that! Sometimes all I need is to sweat and get the heart rate up a bit for 5-10 minutes and I automatically feel better! Here are 3 of my favorite ways to work out that anger!

1) 4 Minute Tabata

I incorporate tabatas quite a bit in my workouts nowadays. They are a fast, efficient way to work your body! Here is a very basic, bodyweight tabata you can do at any time! (And another on my website!) I included a quick video demo to help you understand the exercises!

When we struggle with anger, sometimes we need to sweat it out! Here are some great moves for a workout that will encourage and equip your mind, heart and body.


(Click here if you can't see the video)

2) Sprints

I love sprints! If you have a treadmill or access to a street in front of your house, pump out some sprints! Warm up so you don't pull a hamstring, but go fast and hard for as long as you can. (No more than 40 seconds), walk back to the start (or step off the side of the treadmill) and repeat as many times as you can! You should feel your heart pumping hard. Great stress reliever! 

3) Stretch it out

And on the flip side of all that intensity is to chill out for a minute. While my initial reaction is to go heavy and hard, there are times when I just need to stretch, breathe, and listen to worship music. There is no right or wrong to what you do and here are some stretches I do but use this time to meditate on the truth of God. Many times I just need a reorientation of focus and this is a perfect time to do that. 

Don't forget about some great music! I blast my playlist and get lost for a few minutes. Music tastes are very unique so play around with some new options for what works with you. Sometimes I need my worship music and sometimes I need something a little more...aggressive! Here are some favorites of mine.

- Sidelines by Lecrae

- Church Clap by KB

- This is not a test by TobyMac

- Heaven by Group1 Crew

- All Sons & Daughters: Live (for stretch)

{Side Note: There are times when the "anger" is a deeper issue, and if you find yourself consistently struggling, no amount of working out will heal your heart. Exercise is a gift God gives us, but we may need to use other Godly gifts such as counseling to get to the real root of the issue!) 

Do you find that spending some physical energy helps get out your frustrations? Share on the blog some of your favorite ways to do so! 

Press on!

Clare Smith

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