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What Defines Us

What Defines Us

We each look in the mirror everyday and it's easy to think that the reflection looking back at us is who we actually are. But, mamas, our identity rests somewhere else entirely and its beauty never fades. Do you know who you were meant to be?

It seems we are all searching for something. 

For our worth, value, identity, purpose, significance, acceptance, security -- and we often look to the people and things around us to define this in our lives. Only these people, and these things are imperfect and they fail us, day after day after day.

We end up empty, abandoned, and feeling unworthy, as though we're not enough. 

But the truth is, we were never meant to be fulfilled or defined by how we look, what we own, what we do, who we know, or how we're loved... or even by how well our children obey. (ummm...)

What defines us, what gives us our identity, security, significance and purpose is the Lord, and Him only. His love is perfect and unfailing, and when we look to Him to fill all these things, we finally find our worth and contentment.

Only then are we fulfilled and no longer bound to the things of the world to define who we are and what we're worth.

I love this quote by C.S. Lewis, and I pray each day, each moment in our day -- especially during this busy Christmas season where we're often distracted and overwhelmed -- we start anew and to Christ in all things and for all things. 


Summer Saldana

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