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Must Have Summer Beauty Essentials

Do you want to look beautiful with less hassle, protect yourself and your family from the sun and just have some fun with beauty this summer? We have everything you need in our summer essentials list!

We're now about half way through the summer (nooo!!!!), and it's usually about this time that we're feeling the full effects of all that the heat and summer weather can bring. Which is why I wanted to share with you all my must have summer beauty essentials. All the products I think you guys need to have, and all the products I make sure I have, as we head into the remaining summer months!

Okay, so the first thing might seem a little random, but the Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar is an absolute essential for your summertime needs. I have another video on How to Heal a Sunburn Overnight, and one of the key ingredients you need is this product! I admit it doesn't necessarily smell amazing, but I promise you it works amazingly! Trust me when I say, you definitely need this for those, "Just in case you get a sunburn," moments.

Next, you want to make sure you have a really good sunscreen. Always wear sunscreen. Always! I'm constantly on the hunt for more natural options, so when I found this one at Target (or Vitacost), I was absolutely thrilled. I personally prefer a spray sunscreen, because with a lot of kids and the beach and sand...a lotion can start to be a little more exfoliating than we all tend to prefer. Needless to say, I'm really excited that they're finally coming out with healthier options in the spray form.

Now, if you do get a sunburn, or even if you've been spending a lot of time in the sun, it's absolutely important to treat your skin once you get home. The sun, surf, and chlorine can be so drying and damaging to our skin, so we want to make sure we're doing all we can to repair it once we're back inside. This fave lotion/gel of mine has aloe, lavendar, noni, green tea, peppermint, which hazel and it's free of parabens, artificial colors and fragrance. All natural, just the way nature intended it to be!

Did you know that coconut oil is not only amazing to wear while you're out in the sun, but it's also essential to wear after you've been in the sun, as it's another perfect option to treat and protect your skin? I am absolutely obsessed with this Fiji Raw Coconut Oil because let me just tell you, it smells...ahhhh, like...a vacation. A incredibly peaceful happy tropical vacation. Who doesn't want to smell like that???
Bonus Tip: Pull this through the middle to ends of your hair, then either pull it up into a pony or braid before leaving for the beach/pool, washing it out once you get back home. Coconut oil is a perfect deep conditioner/treatment for your hair, plus it'll work as protection while you're out in the sun!

For so many reasons, we need to make sure we're always wearing sunscreen on our face (sun = wrinkles!!). I always, every day, whether it's winter or summer, wear my Andalou Naturals Moisturizer, which has an SPF of 18 as well as added anti-aging benefits. It's so gentle and been a go to in my skin care routine for years. (The Sensitive/Rose line is also amazing!)

On top of my moisturizer, before foundation, I will sometimes use this Murad Primer, which just adds even more treatment and more SPF. With an SPF of 30, it also treats, blurs, protects, and has anti-aging's just that good. Gotta love a product that not only protects, but treats your skin as well. Not to mention, it kind of just gives this smooth fresh look under whatever product you choose to use afterwards!

In the summer, I'm not really a huge foundation wearer. I prefer to have a fresh face without a lot of makeup on, plus sometimes it's just too hot for that here, and who has time for that anyway?!? So instead, I tend to gravitate towards this BB Gel, (It doesn't have SPF, so don't forget to use that first! Can you tell I'm all about the sunscreen?), which gives the perfect amount of coverage for my skin and is light enough that it really doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything at all! I also love love love that it's mattifying, so if you tend to get a little shiny or greasy in the summer heat, this will definitely take care of that little issue for ya! AND, it has an anti-blemish treatment in it, so really, it's the perfect product in my opinion!

If you do feel like you need a little more coverage than a BB Gel can provide, but you still don't want to wear a heavy foundation, then you must get the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops! These are simply the pure pigment, so you then add between 1-4 drops (1 for more sheer coverage, 4 for more full coverage), to either your moisturizer, primer, BB gel for the perfect custom look. Pretty much you get to create your ultimate foundation perfect for your own skin!

You're at the beach and your deodorant has failed you, what do you do?
Keep these wipes in your beach bag or purse, that's what! (These wipes SAVE me!) They literally smell just like the beach, you know, that yummy coconutty deliciousness scent, and with a quick wipe, you'll be freshened up and ready to go! I also love that they're paraben free, cruelty free...and free of all those nasty ingredients, which is always preferable for me!

In the summer months, I always make sure I have a chapstick nearby that's incredibly moisturizing and will keep my lips from getting chapped and damaged by the sun. This one in particular has coconut oil and a little bit of color in it, so it gives a slight tint to your lips without making it look like you tried too hard.

Now for those days you DO want to take your lips to the next level, then this is one of my go to lipstick formulas and shades. It's slightly sheer, but still pigmented and glossy and pink (my personal obsession), and I absolutely love it. But if pink isn't your thing, make sure to check out all the many other shades they offer as well. There's sure to be one you love.

I love this blush! (and it's price!) It just has this beautiful glow which I'm completely obsessed with having in the summer time. (okay, maybe all year...) I really do think every girl needs to have this (or something similar) in her life.

Yet another option for that beautiful summer glow, is this Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer. Simply add a tiny dab on the high points of your cheekbones before or after your foundation, and you are good to go, you glowy goddess, you.

This cream eyeshadow is just a nice bronzy touch that you can easily swipe on your eyelids with your fingers for an quick and easy go to eyeshadow option. Finish the look with a little waterproof mascara for a naturally bronzy beautiful beach babe look.

And then, for a few bonus fashion summer essentials, make sure to watch the video below to complete your summer look!

All right you guys, that's definitely more than enough to get you started for your summer essentials, but make sure to leave your own tips, ideas and favorites in the comment below as well!


Summer Saldana,

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