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A 5-Week Challenge to get you "Living + Active"!

Let's be honest. The disciplines of exercise and scripture memorization are hard, right? We all know we need to be more diligent in these areas but to consistently keep them in our daily routines are such a challenge! Good news! I've got a 5-week challenge to help you sharpen in both of these areas--introducing, the 4th annual "Living+ Active" challenge!


This FREE 5-week challenge will step you through some of the deeper issues we experience when it comes to our health--rarely are the issue the calories themselves! The weekly memory verses will help you as you focus on being active throughout the week! 

We also have an accountability piece to the challenge! Not only do I suggest you get at least one friend to do it with you, but you'll be "checking in" online and for those of you who do so for each week, you'll be eligible for one of 3 grand prize packages! 

A fun new addition to the challenge this year is the non-mandatory training guide that I wrote and published! You can purchase it on amazon if you want to supplement your challenge, but again, it is not necessary! 

The holidays are approaching and it's typically a time when women struggle in regards to their health. Why not establish some great disciplines and routines now so that the transition is seamless or at least easier?! There are hundreds of women who join us every year--maybe this is your year! I would LOVE to have you! Find out more info about the challenge, here


Train Hard. Eat Well. Live Free!


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