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Seriously, Moms : You Need A Planning Day

When you are just about ready to snap in this whole motherhood thing- you need to refuel. Why not give yourself a planning day? Here's how to build into your days, your home and your own heart while you make a plan for this season.

You know that point where you just KNOW you are about to snap? 

Last week was our first week back homeschooling, and the week my husband was gone every night, and the week I was a tad hormonal (if you get my drift) and so on. By Wednesday, when my husband returned home (at 8:15pm), I grabbed the keys and jetted out of the house. I had no idea where I was actually going; I just knew I needed to leave!

I really hate feeling like that. I love my kids, and I am, truly, living my dream life. 

BUT IT IS HARD sometimes. Motherhood is like a sprinted marathon. A marathon you sprint.

One of the main things that refills my tank is a Personal Planning Day.

I have no idea what I would do without these days. What do I do on my planning day? You can read a bit about a planning day I had here, but typically, they all include:

  • Praying for my kids and writing down some particular things I think they need in the coming year

  • Being quiet and listening to God (while holding my cup of coffee, of course)

  • Listing my “Roles and Goals” for all the areas of my life (mother, homeschool teacher, blogger, sister, church member, neighbor, etc.)

I love these days so much, I am like a broken record to my friends and family. I think ALL MOMS should take a planning day several times a year! Here are a few of the “common objections” I get. (Along with, of course, the reasons why you’re wrong. Ha!)

  • I don’t have time. I totally understand this comment. I have used it myself. But honestly - it is not wise. My dad always told me (about cars, actually): “People never take time to do the maintenance, and then they get even farther behind when something breaks down. It always catches up with you in the end.” Amen, Dad! If your life is too crazy to sit down for five hours and see what is working and not working, then your life is too crazy. Period.

  • I’m not a planner. That sounds like no fun to me! Well, fine. Then take your Bible and a journal and grab a cup of coffee for a few hours. Just sit, let your mind wander about your kids and marriage, and ask God what He wants to tell you. You’ll leave rejuvenated, and I bet you’ll learn something, too!

  • It’s really hard for me to get away. Yes. It can be. Ask God to provide someone trustworthy to watch your children, whether you need to pay (even if you have to scrounge and save for babysitting money), or whether you can swap with a friend. WORST CASE scenario - when the baby is sleeping, put on a quality movie for an hour or two for your other children. Move to the most calming room of the house, enjoy a special drink and snack, and lift up your life to the Lord.

He can take the meager offering we release, and meet us with abounding peace, joy, and rest.

Have you ever taken a planning day? If you’d like to learn more, check out my complete post for how to have a planning day. If you've taken one, how do you spend it?


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