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4 Truths to Remember When I Worry for My Child

Do you worry over your children? How can you combat fear with the truth of God's word? These four ideas for winning over fear are a great place to start taking back ground in your mind, heart and home.

What if she doesn’t find new friends? What if this is not the sport for him? How will she ever pass this test? When will he find the time for that project?

As mothers, it’s easy to worry over our children. The initial thought creeps in as a concern and then before long, a small parenting care has grown into a full-blown fretting fit.

Cast all your anxiety on him, for he cares for you. I Peter 5:6-8 NIV

The Bible teaches us that God cares for us and he does not want us to be anxious. But how do we truly “cast” our anxiety on him? When I meditated on this verse, I found 4 truths to remember when I worry for my child.

1.       Our children belong to God.

God created our children and has given us the precious assignment of caring for the children He has given to us. But ultimately, our children are His children and God loves them even more than we can imagine. He will not fail to protect and pursue what belongs to Him.

2.       God wants the best for our children even more than we do.

His plan is beyond our wildest imaginations and as the Creator of the universe, He wants what is best for every single one of his children. He longs to have a personal relationship with every human being he has created and part of this relationship is wanting what is best for them.

3.       Only God can meet every need of our children.

I’m often tempted to take matters into my own hands when I shouldn’t. Only God can give my child the strength to follow through on their assignments. I can remind, assign, or set aside the time, but I can’t give my child the strength from the Lord that they need. Only He can empower them to do the God-given work He has designed uniquely for them. When we realize our human limitations, we can trust the Lord to provide their needs.

4.       God can take anything and use it for the good of our children.

Bad things happen to people and as much as it hurts our hearts, bad things happen to children. But God can take even the worst of situations and use it for the good of our children. This truth provides the encouragement we need to trust God even in tough situations when our first choice would be to shield our children from the pain or suffering.

We can win over worry as parents when we hold these powerful truths close to our hearts. In order to truly Win Over Worry, we can meditate on God’s direction and promises in His Word, discovering more truth to combat the temptation to be anxious.

What Scripture have you found to help you win over worry as a parent? We’d love to hear from you today.


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