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The Truth about Tough Parenting Days

Those hard days full of spills and whining and every moment passing by with unmet expectations? Every mom has them! And you know what? They have nothing to do with your identity as a mom- here's what really defines you.

All parents have them. All mothers have them. What are they? Those days of parenting that feel like one correction after another. One catastrophe after another.  Or maybe a solitary epic parenting moment. All of which make you feel as though you just weren't cut out for this mothering gig. Perhaps second string should be called in?

You know, parenting tales like…

The time my son packed for a trip and neither parent checked his suitcase. For three days in late October, he wore a borrowed jacket, the same pair of pants, flip flops and had to use a strategy for his single pair of underwear….

Or the fact that the record number of spills in our house is not three, or four, but a proud five- yes, five in one meal.

Maybe the instance when I was on a professional business call as a work-at-home mom  and mayhem broke out in the background like the Apocalypse was underway. To the tune of the person on the other line asking if everything was ok?

Or that time your child gave Santa the gift of a wet lap?

Remember the diaper that accidentally was found in the van…after it had been used and was four days old?

We've all been there in some form or another. When our children act like, well, children then as parents, we often feel like failures. Some days the failure hovers over us and prevents clear parenting thoughts. Ever been there?

The truth about tough parenting days is that every parent has them and no one is exempt. But the truth is also that without the tough days, the good days wouldn't be as good, the sweet days as sweet, or the beautiful days as beautiful. Forgive yourself for the parenting mistakes and let the tough parenting days merge into the beauty of parenthood. And while you're working on the merge, remember this:

You are not a failure; you are a parent who is doing her best each day to fulfill her God-given role. One mistake doesn't equal a failed job.

You will make mistakes; but you choose to learn from your mistakes and keep on parenting. Your heart is open to the teaching of the Holy Spirit to move on.

You are a great mom simply because you love your children and want God's best for them. He sees your valiant efforts.

You are an incredible mom because on those tough parenting days, you know that things aren't always easy. Tomorrow's a new day.

You are an awesome mom because you invest in your child's character every single day. These investments may not look like much right now, but over time, you are confident of the growth and security they will yield. So you keep going.

You are a better mom because you believe God at His Word to propel you through all parenting days. You know he is with you and providing strength for every single moment of the day.

Maybe you know another mom who could use a little encouragement to recognize the mom she truly is. We'd love it if you would mention her in the comments to encourage her heart to know that she already is a better mom.

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