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Making a Pledge to Keep It Shut

Learning what to say, how to say it, and when to say nothing at all isn't easy. Not one bit. But moms it is TIME..... time for us to take a hard and honest look at our words. Yes it is hard...but it will be so worth it. We can do this! Will you make a pledge with me today to Keep.It.Shut?

As we have learned over the last six weeks, our words are powerful and they have consequences. We have struggled with our words for ages so that is nothing new. The real question is: Will we ever do anything about them? Will we change?

We can talk about our words and how they impact those around us, but reading and discussing isn’t enough. We must intentionally seek life change. If you are just joining us, here are the previous posts in this book club series:

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So back to our need for change. Yes, it is hard. But.....Yes, it is worth it.

I encourage you to find a friend that you can confide in or ask your spouse for accountability in this area of your words.  We ALL struggle with our words whether it is gossip, anger, people-pleasing, arguing etc. What is that area that YOU need to work on? How will you seek life change in that area?

In the Keep It Shut study guide, Karen Ehman has a spot where she encourages the reader to make a pledge. I want to pass this idea along to our community today. As we finish up the last chapters and take what we have learned to heart, it is time to make a commitment ---a pledge. It is simply a way for us to remember what God has impressed upon our hearts through this book and putting those convictions into action.

Making a Pledge

Below are a few suggestions as you put together your pledge you want to make when it comes to your words. I encourage you to write your pledge on a sticky note, in your journal, on your mirror….anywhere you will see it and be reminded often!

*I want to be more loving in the way I talk to my kids around home.

*I am going to try harder to speak respectfully to and about my husband (or boss or mother-in-law).

*I am going to really pray before I post words online, being more careful to watch my digital tongue.

*I want to get better at speaking the truth in love because I tend to be a people-pleaser and don’t always tell the truth.

*I don’t want to be a gasoline queen anymore, throwing fuel on an already smoldering situation by escalating a family argument

*I want to stop slinging my opinion and vow to give it only when directly asked.

These are just a few ideas to get you started and hopefully help you get the ball rolling as you write that 1-2 sentence pledge. 

Once you know what your pledge will be, we would love to hear in the comments below! What has God been speaking to you in relation to your words? 


Ruth Schwenk

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