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7 Ways to Tell You've Reached the Summer Magic Saturation Point

Ah, summertime. The days are long, school is out, and you can finally breathe deep, relax and enjoy some good, quality family time.

When my is-the-school-year-over-yet? twitches begin in May, I can hardly wait for the lackadaisical days and lazy evenings of summer. I envision my family, serene and relaxed, laying around in the sun, sipping lemonade and making fun memories.

Only...summer always ends up being just a little....different...from how I envision it. I've discovered there are several ways to recognize when you, as a mom, have reached your Summer Magic Saturation Point.

The dog days of summer are here! Except, maybe they look a little different than we'd originally planned. How do you know you're a mom in the heat of these days and how can you take hold of every sweet moment? Share them with us today on the blog!

* Cereal, popcorn and/or ice cream are all suitable dinnertime options. Let's face it, its just too plain hot....or all the dishes are still dirty from breakfast...yesterday's breakfast.

* Running through the sprinkler, a dip in the local pool, or even splashing in the dog's water dish are all suitable forms of bathing.

* The laundry demand dwindles dramatically. You begin to worry until you realize it's only because everyone is living day and night in their swimsuit or undies. And it's totally ok.

* Wrestling your 2 year old in order to apply sunscreen three times a day replaces your gym or home workout DVD because your heart rate gets twice as high that way anyway.

* You consider letting your 2 year old apply his own sunscreen.

* Your heart skips a beat in excitement when you see the first back-to-school advertisements. 

* You feel a deep, twinge of sadness when you see the first back-to-school advertisements because as much as you long for the routine and structure, you're secretly sad to see the lazy, long summer days leave. But if asked, you'd never admit it in a million years.

What about you, mom friends? How do you know you're a mom in summer?




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