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Taking Care of Our Children From the Outside In

I was the mother of six young boys when I first noticed his legs. 

Little Chance began to jump and hop for no reason ... like that all-too-
familiar potty dance. “My legs are itchy, Mama.”  I had no idea that this rash would change our lives forever.

The itching continued to worsen and Chance kept scratching until he literally bled! Although I had never heard of it before Chance had developed eczema—a skin problem that seems to affect more and more people every day. Doctors are still trying to find the cause. 

There was little information on how to help the problem, aside from trial and error. Expensive dermatologist appointments, steroids, creams? This new road looked long, painful, and expensive. 

But as I lathered my son with lotions, they tended to BURN instead of soothe. Our situation looked hopeless as our little guy continued to hop and itch . . . and bleed. The lotions and creams weren’t helping him. We weren’t helping him.

Finally, my husband’s research revealed we had been unknowingly POISIONING our family for years! Through skin care products...

Apparently, the average bar of soap has 15-20 chemicals in it! Not to mention bubble baths, shampoos, and all the other products we used.

• Genetically modified oils (like canola, soybean, corn, and “vegetable”)

• Synthetic preservatives

• Sodium lauryl sulfate (the bubbler)

• Parabens

• Phthalates

• Alcohols

• Dyes!

• Fillers, other detergents, etc.

The SKIN absorbs all these chemicals ... and they go directly into our bloodstream! Chance’s body outwardly showed his intolerance, but what would be the long-term effects of these products on the rest of the family? I didn’t want to find out.

While I had been very conscious about what went IN our bodies, I had totally overlooked what we’d been putting ON our bodies.


We made our first batch of 100% natural goat milk soap with the best nourishing oils for the skin. These, along with our farm fresh goat milk, feed and clean the skin naturally. This nourishing elixir sounded too good to be true for the skin.


Within the first few baths, the naturally lathering soap began healing Chance’s parched and peeling legs! His eczema began to disappear and we were thrilled to have found a natural solution!

Dwight and I knew so many others would need this information, too, so we started Bend Soap Company and have been making natural soaps ever since. 

Reviews from hundreds of customers who have found similar relief continue to spark our growing desire to help with natural skin care. 

Are you in need of this help, too? Good news!

We know that moms need to be money conscious as well as health conscious, so we offer quantity discounts, bulk ordering, and scrap soaps to keep costs down for families.

Enjoy a virtual visit with us at our farm at Bend Soap Company and get your first shipment of natural products at a 10% discount (as a Better Mom reader) with coupon code MOMGETS10.

The winner of the Bend Soap Basket giveaway is: Kela Nellums!!


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