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Why "The Resistance" Is Worth It

Are you feeling resistance in your goals... In the midst of some of your challenges? That can often feel discouraging, but don't give up because resistance can also be a sign of LIFE!

"Clare, ____ is so hard. I keep trying and failing. It's a daily struggle for me. Why can't the situation be easier?"

The open blank will look different for everyone. Maybe it's an addiction of yours, a certain issue in your marriage, your weight, or your self-confidence.

I remember a revelation I had a few years ago about a struggle that I've always had--it's hard because I've not given up. It's hard because I've realized the fight is worth it.

And just like this quote says--it's hard because I'm ALIVE--and that my friends, is a noble, good thing. So maybe today your situation doesn't need changed. Maybe your perspective & attitude does. If you feel the resistance, thank the Lord for that, because you have not become calloused and cold--you are ALIVE.

Keep fighting.


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