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From One Mama To Another...

Is your life running out of balance with what needs to be done and what you actually expect to be done? Are you left frustrated and with a crushed heart? Today is the day you can refresh. Today is the day to meet God.

To the mama who didn’t get to brush her hair this morning...

I get it. The pull on your heart to give everyone and everything your attention.

The more you give in one area of your life, the more you have to pull back in another. Why does there have to be a set number of hours given in a day? We need more!

Conflict arises when you fall out of balance of what needs to be done vs. what you expect to be done.

Sacrificing more of yourself to do more for others leaves you feeling good and guilty at the same time. You know reading with your kids, affirming your husband, helping a friend...are all good things, but you don’t have time or energy to do it all and care for yourself. You let things slide and other things you push to the way side. Things that make you feel good. Things that give you confidence. Things that recharge you.

The longer you go without, the less you are able to give. Yet, you strive and you let your heart stew with guilt. You strive until you putter out of fuel.

Your heart bruises easy when it clashes with reality. You wake up to the realization that you are going to have to tell some people “no” today. You may have to let go of some expectations and be flexible. You may have to shorten play time and extend quiet time, so you can fit in a quiet time for yourself too.

Don’t feel guilty for that. You are important too. Taking care of yourself is vital, especially if you want to experience life with others, love others, and help others. Pouring yourself out for will deplete you if you are not being filled back up.

What are you filling yourself up with? How are you recharging?

If part of your answer to these questions does not include God, you should reconsider. Sure there might be a few ways of recharging your physical body to carry out your to-do list...but I have discovered that spending time with God, reading His Word and praying is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It is sustaining. It is substantial. It is necessary.

The more you dig into God’s Word, the better balance you will have in your life, and the less likely you are to feel guilty for the areas you lack in. Instead, God’s truth will rest in your heart and it will carry you through each day.

Slow down mama. Spend time with your babies, no matter how old or young they are. Don’t be overwhelmed and don’t rush around in a panic just to feel accomplished. Don't forsake or sacrifice the stuff that matters for things that don't add up to much. 

Embrace your kids. Be intimate with your husband. Listen to their hearts and love well with the same love you have experienced from the Father. 

Take time to recharge and fill yourself up with the presence of God. Consume His truth and be satisfied by it. Rest, relax, recharge. Oh and remind yourself you are doing a great job!

You are doing a great job.

I know you really just needed a little refresher, a reminder, to focus on what is truly important. You got this...with God, you got this!


A mom who has been there before. A mom who understands.

- Jennifer Smith


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