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Be An Example Of God's Love To Your Children

Do your actions point your children to Christ? You have the opportunity to display God's heart to you in the ways you love your children and your spouse. But first, we have to give him access to the deeper places of our hearts...

You have the incredible opportunity to be an example of God’s love for your children through the way you interact with others, especially how you interact with your spouse. Your children watch you all throughout the day and they witness your character through your expressions and actions.

When you pray.

When you forgive.

When you go out of your way to serve with a humble heart.

When you give generously.

When you extend grace.

When you are kind.

When you are faithful.

When you are loving.

When you have self-control.

When you persevere.

When you trust.

These are all characteristics of God’s amazing heart and you have the ability to reflect His heart in the way that you choose to treat others. In those times that you are in the car talking with your spouse and the kids are in the back, in those times at the dinner table, or in those times that you are in the kitchen, talking on the phone, or any other time your wide-eyed babies get to see you in those times they get to see the heart of God...through you.

I pray that we all take a moment to let this reality sink into our hearts. I hope that we would be intentional in shining God’s light in every circumstance that we can. I pray our children come to know God’s love through us. I pray we are all willing to be an example of God’s love for them. I pray our marriages reflect God’s beautiful love story.

The best way for us to be a mom who pours out God’s love and grace is to spend time with give Him access to the deep places in our heart and allow Him to transform our character so that we reflect His. Don’t put it off. Don’t wait for tomorrow before you dive into His Word and dive into prayer. Do it right now. The presence of God being present in your life will be evident, as radiant as light shines brightly from the sun each day, your source of light is Jesus, God’s Son, and it will shine!

So shine bright!

- Jennifer Smith

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