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Dos and Don'ts of Homeschooling to Encourage You

Dos and Don'ts of Homeschooling to Encourage You

1. Don't homeschool unless you and your spouse are both on board.
Do proceed if both parents are unified and at peace with the decision!

2. Don't wait to have all your ducks in a row until you start.
Do realize that you can only do it with God's help, strength, and guidance. (And you'll never have all your ducks in a row!)

3. Don't pattern your homeschool after public school.
Do make learning an adventure.

4. Don't forget the laws of your state.
Do follow the requirements set before you and be thankful for this amazing opportunity!

5. Don't be afraid.
Do realize you already know a lot . . . and you have tons of resources at your fingertips (i.e. the Internet, the library, your friends/peers).

6. Don't feel like you need to know everything.
Do plan on learning along with your children. (You'll be amazed by all you learn!)

7. Don't focus on teaching subjects.
Do remember you're teaching your child. Seek your child's heart and nourish his or her skills.

8. Don't get too stuck in a boxed curriculum.
Do find ways to make learning come to life!

9. Don't isolate yourself.
Do get plugged in with local homeschooling groups and friends.

10. Don't worry about what's popular with other homeschoolers.
Do follow your child's unique interest and learning styles.

11. Don't make “finishing the work” your goal for each day.
Do make the love of learning the goal. (That will stick with your kids for life!)

12. Don't think of book work as a complete education.
Do incorporate real life learning: volunteering, home ec, and life skills.

13. Don't glue yourself to the kitchen table
Do explore your community through classes, museums, and events.

14. Don't let one bad week (or bad month) discourage you.
Do remember that every good thing is hard at times.

15. Don't judge on outward accomplishments only.
Do focus on your children's inner qualities.

16. Don't worry about all your kids are missing out on in public or private schools.
Do rejoice in all the opportunities open to them.

17. Don't feel you have to give up all your God-given goals and dreams to homeschool your kids.
Do know that your kids will learn how to follow God as they see you do it.

18. Don't judge your success by testing or grades.
Do know that the greatest reward will be the relationships your child builds with you, other family members, and with God.

19. Don't think it's all about the kids.
Do know God will grow and change you as you school your kids.

20. Don't be surprised to have a few really bad days.
Do celebrate the really good ones.

21. Don't think you have to figure it out on your own.
Do seek advice from veteran homeschoolers.

And we can't forget:
22. Do be thankful for all the negative influence that your children are missing out on.
And don't underestimate the influence for God's kingdom through living, serving, and learning together.

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