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14 Gifts Of Love For Your Family

February is known as the month of love! For years and years, millions of people take time to celebrate their loved ones on or around February 14th, which is fast approaching. Husbands and wives shower each other with gifts of love, as do many parents for their children.

Although we should take time throughout the year to show our loved ones just how much we appreciate and value them, it can be all the more a blessing during this month of love!

I searched for the best gifts of love one could shower their family with and gathered them here just for you! So if you need some inspiration or a few creative ideas in how to best express your love, here are my top 9!

14 Gifts Of Love For Your Family

Gifts of love for a spouse:

1. Initiating Physical Intimacy! Let me get this one out on the table for you to consider. Initiating physical intimacy with your spouse - whether hand holding, kissing, or even more - this will stimulate and cultivate love in your marriage! Be intentional and get creative.

2. Bucket List Check Off. Many husbands and wives day dream about a "Bucket List" including things they desire to do one day. If you and your spouse have a bucket list, prepare and plan a way to check one off the list! If you don't have one yet, first take time to communicate with your spouse and dream one up!

3. Date Night Box. This is a fun and easy way to provide a gift to your spouse. Stuff it full of your favorite date night essentials. It could include a movie, popcorn, pajamas, and something fun to drink. Or you can pack up coupons to a favorite store, a certificate to eat at a favorite restaurant for a day of shopping and dinning. You could also prepare a date box with a map of your favorite trail, snacks, water, and coordinates to your destination to eat lunch together! The possibilities are endless!

4. Surprise Fruit Messages. This one is such a cute way to express your love. Simply write on fruit or tie a note card to it! Banana: I'm bananas for you!  Apple: You are the apple of my eye.  Pear: We are the perfect pear! Orange: Orange you glad we are together! You can place them in your spouse's lunch or anywhere else that will surely be a sweet treat reminder of your love.

5. Favorite Dinner. Get the kids involved in this one! Prepare your spouse's favorite dinner and make it a nice event by having everyone in the family dress up. Over dinner you could invite each person to share one nice thing about each other, starting with you!

Gifts of love for children:

6. Craft Keepsake. There are so many easy and fun crafts that involve hearts of all shapes and colors, such as imprinting your kids handprint in a heart-shape piece of cement to keep in your garden. You could do this craft with your children and explain to them why keepsakes are valuable!

7. Stuffed Animal. I still remember coming home to a soft white lamb on my bed with a note from my mother. It was a beautiful gift that made me feel extremely special. I also know many adults that still have stuffed animals from childhood as a keepsake of their parents love. So sweet!

8. Fun "Love" Activity. Take a box of candied hearts and do a relay race with your kids! Set it up how you desire, but one way is to team up in two and have one "runner" have to hold a spoon in their mouth carrying a sweet heart to the other teammate who is holding a cup on their head. Expect to laugh!

9. Ice Cream Sundae In A Box! Similar to a date night box, pack full a gift with all kinds of creative toppings for a sundae with a coupon to go shopping with you to pick out their favorite ice cream! Then let everyone enjoy making their own sundae.

10. Surprise Date Day! You and your spouse can surprise your kids by taking a whole day just to adventure with them. Take them to a new town to explore, a natural masterpiece like the ocean or forrest, the zoo, or any other fun place you think they would enjoy. make the day all about them. 

Gifts of love for the whole family:

11. Our Story Is My Favorite Story! This is a beautiful way to show the family's love in the home. Simply gather a photo of each member and display it hanging from a few sticks in a vase, or on a chalk board above the mantel. Be sure to add a note by it that says, "Our Story Is My Favorite Story!"

12. Scavenger Hunt Picnic Date! Take time to write out 5-10 clues and package them in a fun way. You and your spouse should split up, one at the destination, and one with the kids. You could even utilize Instagram to post the next clue!

13. Words of Affirmation & Favorite Treat. Hand write a personal note to each person in your family sharing why you love them. Be sure to include their favorite treat which shows them all the more how much you know them.

14. 100 Reasons Why We Love You! Write out 100 reasons why you love your family on heart shaped cards, then hang them in your home! Or filled in the hallway! Wherever everyone will see it!

I hope these encourage and inspire you to love your family better! Don’t stop when February is over...continue loving every day of every year! By doing so you will be fulfilling your family’s greatest need: to be loved!

For more ideas and to see some images of what I shared in the list check out my Valentine’s Pinterest Board:

- Jennifer Smith

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