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10 Ways to Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful

10 Ways to Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful

Are you looking for a meaningful way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year? Here are ten ways to make this special time more memorable!

Thanksgiving can be such a beautiful holiday!  It is a time of giving thanks to all God has given and a time to remember where we came from and what we are about!  I wanted to share with you some ways you can make this Thanksgiving even more meaningful in your family this year!

Here are 10 ways to do that!

  1. Have slips of paper for everyone around the table and have them say one thing they are thankful for!

  2. Make a Thankful Jar at the beginning of November (it's not too late) and have everyone pick one to read at the table at Thanksgiving -hopefully everyone will pick someone’s other than themselves to read.

  3. Make a Thanksgiving tree or garland to decorate with things you give thanks for! Pinterest have some really beautiful ideas for this!

  4. Read Scripture and have prayer to just praise HIM for all HE has given - open it up and let anyone pray that feels led at your celebration!

  5. Listen to a great Thanksgiving story on cd, this is one of my favorites>The Legend of Squanto (Radio Theatre)

  6. Read the Thanksgiving Story around the table > The Thanksgiving Story is great for younger children

  7. Invite someone over that has nowhere to go. A widow, a person at church that has no family or a child who is not in the best family situation and you know they don't celebrate! Think about the people you know who may really want the blessing of your family!

  8. Music - If you have a child or family member that can play an instrument, this is a great time to get everyone singing together, if not just play some good music. This can create some wonderful memories!

  9. Serve Thanksgiving dinners at a soup kitchen or church that is helping needy families. This can be a great reminder to your children that not everyone is as well off as they are.

  10. Start family traditions - maybe it's watching football or playing a particular game every year together. Maybe you even decorate the Christmas tree , think of at least one tradition you can start!

Hope this gives you some ideas on making Thanksgiving more memorable this year!   Share in the comments some of your Thanksgiving traditions, we would love to hear them!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!!


Angela, Together with Family

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