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Slowing the Rhythm of My Rush

slowtherushThis post is part of Lysa TerKeurst’s “The Best Yes” Blog Tour which I am delighted to be a part of along with many other inspiring bloggers. 

I would venture to say that 99.9% of our community here is rushing.

We are rushing to get our child ready for school while desperately trying to figure out what said child did with the soccer cleats that are needed for practice tonight. Meanwhile, we scramble for any sort of edible item that we can call "breakfast" for ourself while trying to figure out how we can make our toddler's diaper last just one more hour until we can get to the grocery store to buy more. All this, and probably more, while listening to the ding ding ding of the notifications on our phone from texts, calls and Facebook.

In all of our rushing, I fear we are missing out big time. Missing out on the moments God intends for us to delight in and learn from.

What has rushing stolen from you?

For me, rushing has caused me to miss some of those quiet and alone times when God is speaking to me. I have had to make an intentional effort to focus my time and mind daily on the Lord, to keep in step with the Spirit. Unrush me Lord. Unrush me.

For me, rushing has made me miss some of the moments as a mom that God has wanted me to revel in with my children. I have had to make an intentional effort to unrush my mind and unrush my daily life so that I can focus on four precious little faces that God has planted right in front of me. Unrush me Lord. Unrush me.

We have to slow the rhythm of rush in our lives so the best of who we are can emerge. ~Lysa Terkeurst

As I read that quote I lose my breath. I lose my breath because this busy mama knows that the only way for the best of who I am to pour out to my family and in my ministry here is to sloooow down. Make time for the moments that unrush my life. Not only do I need to unrush for the sake of God using the best of me in the places and people He has called me to now, but if I am not careful I can rush my way right out of hearing from God and following His lead.

In The Best Yes Lysa writes,

I asked the God of the universe to intersect my life with His revelation, then got up from my prayers and forgot to look. Forgot to seek Him. Forgot to keep my heart in tune with His voice and His invitation. 

All because of the chaotic rush of my day.

When all life feels like an urgent rush from one demand to another, we become forgetful. We forget simple things like where we put our car keys or that one crucial ingredient for dinner when we run into the grocery store. But even more disturbing, we forget God.

What has rushing stolen from you?

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