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What Music Has Meant to Me {giveaway}

Music has been a part of my life since I was a little girl.  At the age of six years old, I stepped onto a stage dressed up as a ladybug to sing my very first solo. Imagine that! From that moment on, music has been a big part of my life.

In middle school and high school I studied from amazing vocal teachers and was a part of choirs at the University of Michigan. But it wasn't until I gave my life to Christ that the words I sang actually became more than just words. They became an anthem to Christ. I grew to love singing and leading in worship because finally what I was doing had purpose beyond entertainment. Because of my love for music, I LOVE to discover new music! Today I am thrilled to introduce you to new artist, Lindsay McCaul.

Lindsay McCaul Music

Lindsay McCaul’s sophomore project and Centricity Music debut, “One More Step,” is artistry born of a willingness to grapple honestly with the questions that arise at that crossroads of brokenness and grace. Tag-team produced by Brent Milligan (David Crowder, Steven Curtis Chapman) and Jeff Pardo (Josh Wilson, Johnny Diaz, Matthew West), the eleven songs on “One More Step” are thoughtful pop offerings that range from the lush and layered to the sparse and hauntingly lyrical.

The project as a whole faithfully chronicles the honest journey of a young woman who has learned that if the expressions of hope and joy are to be real and strong enough to hold us, then they can’t shrink back from the sorrow, the grief, the confusion and the doubt that are also a real part of this shared pilgrim journey. The secret is that it’s all woven together, and if God’s grace meets us, it meets us in the very middle of all that messiness of life, circumstance and emotion. And it’s from that place, and probably only from that place, that songs with the power to give real hope can be born.

I love this sentiment from Lindsay and couldn't agree more:

“I’ve observed over the last few years,” Lindsay says, “that the songs that connect most with my listeners are the ones I write from a place of wrestling through issues. I write songs about things God is teaching me and the lessons I’m learning—sometimes even from a place of brokenness smack dab in the middle of learning the lesson. A place of holding my hands open before God and asking Him to grow my faith and help my unbelief. People who connect with my songs have told me they appreciate the honesty and transparency of the lyrics, which means the world to me. We’re all struggling somehow, fighting some battle, and if we could all just be brave enough to be honest with one another about our deep, deep need for Jesus, we could be mutually encouraged, strengthened and sharpened.”

Lindsay goes on to say, “Change—especially of the life-altering variety—forces you to choose where you’re going to place your confidence and security. These songs were born out of seasons of huge upheaval and change in my life. I needed to learn to surrender my plans, my expectations, my dreams, my fears of the unknown, even my pride. As I wrestled through that process, the songs that emerged became snapshots of God’s faithfulness in different seasons, leading me step by step along this journey.”

Lindsay's song “One More Step,” which has become a show-stopper at McCaul’s concerts around the country, chronicles the life and death of her war veteran father, Ret. Col. Larry Walter Pritchett, who passed away two years ago. It’s one more step/Blink your eyes/You’ll be home on the other side/Running down the golden streets/You’ll hear a million angels sing/So one more kiss on earth is all that’s left/Before the breath of heaven fills your chest/And you finally see His face and find your rest/One more step/One more step.

Listen to One More Step here:

I love listening to music that reaches beyond the surface and dives into the messy and real side of everyday life. Lindsay captures those moments so well in her lyrics, pulling the listener right into her story. You will find yourself relating to and reflecting on Lindsay's honest and heartfelt songs compiled in this CD! 

You can purchase Lindsay McCaul's new CD by clicking here.

Here is a little bit more info about Lindsay McCaul:

McCaul hails from Merritt Island, FL and began writing songs when she was only 12-years-old.  She moved to Chicago to attend Moody Bible Institute and graduated with a degree in Applied Linguistics. While attending Moody in Chicago, she began leading worship at the Bible Institute and now lives in the Nashville area. She currently leads worship as an artist-in-residence at Nashville’s Fellowship Bible Church. McCaul has enjoyed an active touring schedule with high-profile acts including, Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Mercy Me, Mandisa, Brandon Heath, Sanctus Real, The Afters, and others.

Today, I am so excited to be giving away 5 signed copies of Lindsay's debut album,“One More Step!!”

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