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Quiet Time When You're Not a Morning Person (and even if you are!)

I have always dreamed of being the mom that would wake up early before the family arises, armed with a fresh hot cup of coffee, a notebook, and my bible...cheerfully ready to sit and spend some quality time with Jesus. I mean, it's what Godly Women do after all, haven't you read Proverbs 31?

The problem, however, is that my kids were born with the gift of knowing exactly when the sun would rise and then waking up at least an hour before that. And on the flip side, I was born with the gift of having absolutely NO idea of when the sun is rising, and waking up at least three to four...maybe more hours after that.

In other words, my kids are the morning people, and I most certainly am not. And also? I don't like coffee. (Can we still be friends?)

I don't like mornings, and I don't like coffee...and yet I felt such a longing for quality time with Jesus in the midst of my busy world of mothering and homeschooling. And after several failed attempts at the before dawn appointments, I knew I needed to find a way that would work for me and keep me consistent yet accountable all at the same time.

And so after a tearful heart to heart with one of my best friends about our deep longings to be better about our time with the Lord, we came up with a plan that we were certain would work for us. And the best part was it didn't necessarily involve mornings or coffee...


First, we chose a book of the bible to begin studying, and then found this list of questions to go through that would help us to stay focused and engaged in all that we were reading.

Then, each day after reading and journaling, no matter how early or late it happens, we either text or voxer ('s how moms talk on the phone these days. Yes, there's an app for that.) each other the answer to at least one or two of the questions. Although some days, it's just been something as simple as a picture of the highlighted scripture that stood out to us most. We do this because not only does it prove that we truly did our reading, but it's also proven to be incredibly encouraging and insightful to hear what we've each discovered from the passage. God is clear in what he says in his word, but sometimes it ends up speaking to different areas of our lives in the different seasons we may be walking through.

Now, my purpose in sharing our unique approach is not necessarily to say THIS IS THE WAY, but to encourage you that there IS A WAY. It may not look like what you imagined or how you've seen other women in your life doing it, but that's absolutely okay. Stop comparing.

The point is God wants you. He wants your heart. He wants your time. He longs to speak to you.

Perhaps you love mornings and coffee, or maybe the lull of the night and a cup of hot tea is more...your cup o' tea. Whatever it may be, however it may look, start getting creative, be accountable (try starting with a daily Instagram/Facebook picture of what you've read and encourage others at the same time), and start experiencing the absolute joy and comfort that quality time with the Lord promises to bring.

We're all in this together.


Summer Saldana



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