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Have You Ever...?

Have You Ever Have you ever...

--forgot you bought praying mantis eggs, only to discover they hatched and you had 400+ praying mantis babies free-ranging throughout your family room?

--found your son's "worm collection" (in varying states of decomposition) in the fabric seat-back-pocket of your mini van?

--gone tent camping, but left the tent poles at home so you had to string your tent up with rope and then followed that the next year, by forgetting not only the poles, but the tent at home as well?

--left your son at the Lincoln exhibit at Disneyland and actually exited the park before you realized he was missing?

--created a "sandbox" out of pinto beans, only to smell-your-way-to-the-realization that when your four year old introduced water into the equation, it led the beans to sprout...and then mold...which was the cause of the horrific smell in her bedroom?

--had your child stamp-pad-paint her entire upstairs bedroom during "naptime"?


Have you ever googled "how to write a blog post introducing yourself" because when given the opportunity, the only thing running through your mind was a mix of Frozen lyrics, Sound of Music songs, and phrases from "Green Eggs and Ham"?

These are a few of my favorite things...

Would you, could you, on a boat...?

I should just let it go...

All day today--

...while sipping my morning coffee, homeschooling, walking with a friend, watering my garden, catching our escape-artist-chickens, going through my 1 John bible study,  feeding the Bearded Dragons & Hissers, organizing for a garage sale, reading a dystopian novel next to our alf-ish-dog Penny, starting the crockpot for tonight's taco salad, making lists to plan for next month's belated anniversary trip celebrating 17 years of marriage, sorting through the shelves and stacks of my borderline horder-esque book collection, listening to the happy-screams of our 4 children and their friends playing chase outside, while wearing my favorite-color-green, living in the beautiful state of Oregon...

--I've been trying to think of what I'd want to tell you about myself.

And none of that is really it.

The Cross

What I'd really want you to know is that--

I wake up every day so thankful for Jesus. So thankful that He saw me in all my sinful-messed-up-ness and still chose to pursue, rescue, redeem, and restore me. So thankful that He doesn't give up on me, even when I still fail.

I'd want you to know my heart for adoption. And how thankful I am for ALL of our children. And how thankful I am for my husband and our love that can say "I'm sorry...will you forgive me?"

I'd want to encourage those of you who are walking through grief... To wrap my arms around you with words, if it was possible. Not trite platitudes, but the kind of real hope that God provides when you cling to Him in the middle of heartache.

I'd want to tell you about Heaven and how it changes everything about the way we live here and now.

And about wonder. I'd want to talk with you about how we can keep it. The wonder and amazement and awe that I feel when I slow down and really take in God's Creation.

And about the kind of wife and mom and friend I want to be-- One who is vulnerable and faithful. One who encourages. One who sees others through God's eyes, who values what He values.

For the past three years, I've been so encouraged by this online community and someday, when I actually get around to writing my introduction post, I hope that what you really learn about me is all the things that really matter...

With Love, Kara @The Chuppies

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