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The Art of Scrumptious Sauces {made simple}

Recently I was asked to take a look at a few classes from an amazing website called Craftsy. I am excited to share those classes with you here over the next year. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I heard of Craftsy. I didn’t expect to find such an extraordinary resource. But it is really an invaluable wealth of information. Click here to see the class I took with Craftsy and enter to win your very own class!

The Art of Scrumptious Sauces {made simple}.jpg
The Art of Scrumptious Sauces {made simple}.jpg

I love to cook. But I wouldn't call myself a gourmet chef. When I think of sauces I think of something fancy...and well, I just don't feel very fancy most of the time. :)  I realize the impact a sauce can have on a dish, but the thought of adding an extra element to the meal when I barely have time to get the meal together in the first place, is a bit daunting to me. What I didn't know is how simple it is to make a sauce and how much it can that just enough"extra" to take your meal to the next level of tasty delight!

I took Craftsy’s, A Modern Take on Mother Sauces, and was inspired! This class was so professionally done and easy to understand! I learned the quick and easy way to make the Mother Sauces. If you don't know what a mother sauce is (I didn't either) there are seven mother sauces that all other sauces are derived from. In this class, the instructor teaches how to make these seven sauces and ways you can spruce each one up. It is so simple to whip up a Roux (now that sounds fancy doesn't it?!?!) and make it magnificent by adding cheese or a bundle of herbs.

Besides the actual instruction, the biggest take away from this class for me personally was confidence. Some of the simplest aspects of food may seem fancy to me, when in reality it isn't hard at all. It can add such a great (and tasty) element to your meal! I just need to learn how. And for me I need to see someone do it.

A Modern Take on Mother Sauces.jpg
A Modern Take on Mother Sauces.jpg

One of the best things about taking the class online, besides the valuable information, was the ability to start the class and pause the class whenever I needed to. When the kids were in bed, or when I had a few minutes during the day to spare, I would sit down and watch a bit of the course in the comfort of my own home. It was so convenient! Craftsy is the perfect solution for us busy moms who want to learn, but don’t have time to leave the house and attend a class.

Here is a little more info about Craftsy:

Craftsy offers online crafting classes, taught by world renowned instructors who love the craft as much as you do. Craftsy classes are online, so they are available to you anytime you want for as long as you want, there are no scheduled class times, so you can enjoy them entirely on your own schedule. Each class is taught by an acclaimed instructor and consists of several hours of HD-quality video content… but Craftsy classes are much more than just a video!

While taking a Craftsy class, you can:

Ask your instructor questions, upload photos, and get personalized responses

Participate in discussions with your classmates

Access supporting class materials – including recipes and helpful tips & tricks

Bookmark your favorite moments in the video so that you can easily re-watch them and take notes that you can refer back to anytime

The great thing about Craftsy is that there is a class for everyone! You can learn knitting, photography, cake decorating, sewing, cooking and more!

Today we are giving away a Modern Take on Mother Sauces class away to one of you!!! Enter to win below!! 

If you are ready to check out Craftsy you can enter to win your very own A Modern Take on Mother Sauces class by clicking here. Giveaway ends June 17, 2014 a 12:00pm MT.


Ruth Schwenk

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Craftsy. The opinions and text are all mine.

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