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3 Reasons Moms Needs to Be in the Word

Why Moms Need to be in the Word - The Better Mom Well, it's no secret all Christ-followers need to be in the Word. Life is hard enough without following the map God has provided for us. But sometimes we forget we as individuals have unique needs and there is only one Person who can fulfill those needs. Additionally, being a mother offers us a unique angle.

We Are An Example

As mothers, we are living examples to our children. Nothing speaks more loudly than our actions. Do they see us reading the Bible? More importantly, do they see us at least trying to live it out? We cannot know the Word if we aren't reading it. We must in be in constant communication with God and allow the Holy Spirit to work through us, but if we aren't actively seeking Him and trying to understand what His Word wants us to know, we will not know what direction to go in.

Our children also need to see us fail and how we respond to that. They will reflect us and if we constantly put guilt and shame upon ourselves, our children will see that as normal and do the same to themselves and possibly others. We need to show them we can receive God's grace, get up and keep going.

We Are in Demand Constantly

Being a mother can be exhausting both mentally, physically, and spiritually if we do not recharge and remain in the Word. When we fail to come to God for refreshing, we run on empty. I have definitely found this to be true in my own life. If I am not filled up with God's strength, I have nothing to give -- not of real value. That's when I am most susceptible to frustration and releasing anger on my children.

We need to take time to be filled so that we can continue to pour out. Make those "me time's" count. Get into God's Word and allow it to feed and nurture your mind, spirit, and soul.

We Need God's Wisdom

Being encouraged and even guided by other Christians is awesome...but don't allow people to be your main source of "food". The body of Christ is meant to encourage us in our walk and go deeper, not replace God's word.

As a mom, God knows how much direction I need, every single day. What is it that God wants for my children? Am I walking the path He has laid out for me?

God said all we need to do is ask for wisdom, and He will give to us freely.( James 1:5)


In light of the importance of being in the word, I have just started a little community I like to call "Moms in the Word". All are welcome to share their time in the word through any form of social media, using the #MomsInTheWord hash tag so we can find one another. More and more moms are trickling in and it has been such an encouragement to read one another's insights.

We are all unique and have unique needs, but we all need to be in God's word in order to know Him and to grow, even as moms.


For His Glory, Christin

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