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Leading Our Children With the Truth of God's Word

Notice I titled this post "Leading Our Children...", not Pulling or Forcing or Dragging or Pushing. Typically people don't want to follow a leader who is pushy or demanding. As parents, we are to instruct with authority, but not pride or arrogance or plain 'ol meanness. The position of authority should be held in high regard and honor; with respect and privilege. The authority granted us is given by God alone, and we only have it because He has granted it to us.

With this authority we are called to follow His lead and use the Book He has given us to learn from and teach with. It is the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. It is God in written form {John 1:1}.

We should not use it as a weapon, but as a light. It's meant to warn, to protect and offer the best life possible. It teaches how to honor God and parents, love our friends and our enemies, pray for our loved ones and those who rise against us. It reminds us of God's promises and love for us. It shows God's mercy and speaks of His grace.

It's not just for our children. It's for us, too.

It's taught {and learned} by simply opening the Word and reading. Begin with prayer. Stop for discussion and continue on. End in prayer to help remember and live out the truth of God's Word.

Memorize verses together in order to write God's word on your hearts.

It's also a wonderful autobiography to teach our children about who God is; a history to learn about people God has called and used--people they can learn from and admire.

The best way to deliver Truth is with grace.

Even when we use the Bible during a discipline session, it can {and should} be presented with great grace and mercy. Yes, with authority, Not as a metaphoric stick to beat over the heads of our children.

How will God be viewed if we are constantly using the Bible to point out all their faults and the consequences of each? You must offer the other side of the coin--that our children have hope in Christ; it is grace. It is great mercy.

In the same way, do not only bring out the Bible for use in discipline. Use it all throughout the day, learning stories of great people, nuggets of wisdom, poetry and songs to God, the life of Christ on earth and much more. If we only use the Bible to show our children how they've wronged God or wronged us, they will most likely never want to pull it out for themselves. They will only view it as a big book of condemnation. Who would ever want to open a book like that?

Let's rethink how we are presenting the Truth.

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