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My Family Garden

reapsowWith the arrival of Spring I have found a joy in the art of gardening.  It began with an idea I found on Pinterest to plant seeds in empty eggshells.  I have never tried my hand at growing food, but with my curious toddler rapidly maturing each day, I desired to teach him how we can plant seeds and help them grow into delicious plants.

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After each breakfast where eggs were on the menu, I saved the shells and prepped them for sowing.  My husband and I have been taking turns watering and placing them in sunlight, checking in often eager to see them sprout! The moment I saw that first glimpse of green bursting out of the soil I literally jumped up and celebrated joyfully.

Gaining the understanding that we have the opportunity to sow seeds and reproduce in this way is marvelous.  I appreciate how God has given us such a beautiful gift.

When my husband and I intentionally give time and attention to our family garden good things happen.  We see the benefits grow right before our eyes.  We till the soil and protect the vulnerable plants from frost and animals.  Our care and concern are vital components to having a healthy garden.

There are other seeds being sown in our family, seeds that are not subject to “growing” season temperatures or classified as annuals or perennials.  Rather, these seeds are being sown all the time, every moment of every day.  The soil is our child’s heart and every seed sown is a characteristic, a habit, a response - numerous varieties of seeds constantly being planted by me and my husband.  With every action and reaction whether in my marriage or in my relationship with my child, I am actively participating in my family garden.  The question is: Am I sowing good seed or bad seed?

These types of seeds have different lengths of time to see them emerge or grow to maturity.  Some behaviors I may see in my husband or child right away, while others I may notice years later, behaviors I planted in their hearts because of choices I have made.   I also realize that my marriage plays a huge role in the way my child will view marriage as an adult.  The seeds I plant today will be the garden of my child's future!

Just like regular gardening, the art of this kind of gardening also requires intentionality, care, and concern - key components for a beautiful and bountiful array of good produce.  The most important seed we can ever sow as parents into the lives of our children is the seed of knowing God!  I hope my intentionality of teaching my son about who God is will be the most flourishing in his heart!  That is my greatest prayer!

As Spring graces us with splashes of color and good food to eat, think about how you as a mother and a wife are contributing to your family garden! What seeds are you planting every day?

- Jennifer Smith

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