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5 Things I Learned from Writing 'Moms' Night Out' (Plus a Giveaway)



Do you have a dream that you don't dwell on long because the idea of it coming true seems so unattainable? I've had a dream like that. It's seeing one of my novels make it to the big screen, and on May 9th that'll be happening!

Well, to clarify, I wrote the novelization of Moms' Night Out. That means they sent me an “almost complete” copy of the movie, and I wrote a novel from it. Yet even though I didn't come up with the concept, there so much of “me” in this book. And more that what I gave to the project, I'm blessed by what I was given, too.

Moms Night Out Novel PK

Moms Night Out Novel PK

Here are 5 Things I Learned from Writing Moms' Night Out

  1. Sometimes God gives you the desires of your heart even when they don't look like what you think they do. Writing this book made me feel special. It's as if God knew how much I'd love this project, and He honored me with it. He showed me He knows my heart even better than I do. He knew what would bring me great joy.

  2. Sometimes God uses past struggles to encourage people we'll never meet. The main characters of Moms' Night Out are a teen mom, a ministry mom, and an overwhelmed mom. I've been all three! How crazy that I was able to share the struggles and journeys of each of these characters, mainly because they were my story, too.

  3. Sometimes fictional stories hit our hearts deep. I'm not too proud to admit that I cried in this movie a number of times. Yes, it's a comedy, but there are also heart messages that hit deep. The most important one is, “Mom, you are enough.” I'm getting teared up just thinking about it.

  4. Sometimes you think a project is about one thing, but it's actually about something else. Yes, I loved working on this book, but the new friends I've made along the way are amazing! Because of working on this project I've found heart-friends that I won't trade for anything. (I'm pointing at YOU, Kerri Pomarolli!) I've often found that the people I get to work with are a bonus beyond the projects! Have you found the same?

  5. Sometimes moms need a break . . . and they just need someone to get the ball rolling for the fun to start. I can count on one hand the number of times I've just gone out with mom-friends. After watching this movie, I realized I needed to do this more. I might have gone a little over the top because I've rented a whole theater for my girlfriends to watch Moms' Night Out with me. (A little over the top.) All I can say is that it'll be great to be surrounded by 148 dear ladies (and a few brave gentlemen). And no popcorn fights, please!

What about you? Do you need time out with friends? I highly recommend Moms' Night Out, to be released on May 9.

Also, friend, don't be afraid to talk to God about the desires of your heart. Yes, there are some things that seem over-the-top, but I'm discover a God who loves to bless His daughters. Turn to Him with your desires and see what HE can do!

Leave a comment below and tell me about what you'd like to do during a time out with your mom-friends, and I'll give one person a copy of my new book, Moms' Night Out!


Tricia Goyer,

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