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Can Your Chores Become Sacred Acts?

Ironing07Beds all rumpled and in need of making. Laundry piled high – waiting for the washing and the ironing. A bean bag chair that needs repaired. Dust bunnies gathering in the corner of the wood floors. The list goes on… and on. I'm mindful that God has me here. Right here. Right now. Bringing order and refuge to this little parcel of land.

Sometimes that means some pretty fun tasks: baking a loaf of bread, finding a great bargain at the second-hand store, whipping up a pan of hot cocoa for middle school girls, starting a new family tradition with a mason jar full of questions, making a crock of chili on a cold winter day, or stumbling upon just the right scented candle (on the clearance rack at Pier One!).

But, I'll be honest, sometimes the responsibilities are just plain mundane. Ironing? Waiting in a line of cars at the middle school for LAX practice to be over? Scrubbing the gunk off the inside of the oven? Making the bed for the umpteenth time?

These are the tasks that sometimes fill our days. Just the mundane stuff of life. It needs done and it blesses the family but it’s not exactly fun. And, it sure doesn’t feel very significant or sacred.

And, yet, isn’t that where Jesus often met people? As they were going about their normal life chores? For example, take the woman at the well – she was just going about the normal, rather mundane, task of getting water for her home. She crossed paths with Jesus and their conversation turned her life upside down. At that well, on that day, the mundane became sacred.

And, what about me? Could my tasks be opportunities for conversations with God? As I iron Rick’s shirts could I talk to God about my husband, asking Him to give Rick wisdom as he leads our family and our church? As I make beds, could I pray for rest – both physical and spiritual? As I wait in the car line at the school, could I pray for all those kids who are coming from all kinds of crazy home situations and spiritual backgrounds? I’m not sure, but maybe even the gunk in the oven could somehow be offered up to God in life-changing conversation…

Maybe all of my mundane tasks could be opportunities to commune with the Living God. Sacred moments filling my day and putting those everyday tasks into true perspective.

“Lord, I submit myself to you. I realize that You have placed me here and that running this home well is part of your plan for me. Help me to take hold of it and seize the opportunity to commune with You as I tackle the tasks for this day. Would You cause me to look for You in the midst of my chores? To even anticipate them because I know I can talk with You as I do them? As I do the jobs that will make our dwelling a refuge, remind me to pray for my family, friends, and even strangers who come into our home. Just to talk with You as I go. Lord, your Word reminds me that everything can be done “unto You.” Please help me to live that reality as the sacred and the mundane are woven together in the moments of my day.”


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