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Surrendered Goals, Surrendered Lives

Surrendered Goals, Surrendered Lives

With just a month of the new year under our belts, I'm sure the freshness of this season still carries us.

Maybe you've started off with a bang, or if you're like me, it took a while to ponder and find focus.  Though I really enjoy goal-setting, I tend to do it all in slow-like manner.

Wherever you find yourself in month two of 2014, moving along great or barely moving, may I encourage you in this one thing?

Allow God to define your plans and goals not only at the beginning, but ongoing throughout the year.

I believe as Christian women, we do really well in praying for direction, for 'one word', for God-ordained targets to shoot for.  The end of one chapter usually finds us asking just what might be next when we flip the page.

However, I often fumble (and I'm thinking you might too) somewhere in the middle of it all.

When the going gets a bit tougher, it doesn't feel fresh and fun anymore, and I just start to lose steam.  I evaluate what it's going to take to get to where I'm aiming for, and…well, I'm tempted to give up.

Where is God then?

Exactly where we need Him to be -- right there with us.  And we are wise to still seek His guidance and strength to continue on.

Remind yourself how Jesus relates to facing tough goals and necessary follow-through.

His struggle in the Garden of Gethsemane is prime example.  Christ seriously wrestled with the need to keep on task!  Yet His total and completely surrender to the plan in front of Him -- the prize -- defined that moment.  He didn't give up and surrendered his own preferences instead.

We're only in February, month two...

…but challenges to your God-breathed goals are sure to come.

In order to live a life surrendered to God, you cannot give up on His plans!  There may be adjusting, tweaking, double-checking, and reaffirming of direction.  You'll experience struggle and may lost steam.

I want to tell you right at the start, you're gonna want to give up.  Don't.

Don't give up on your surrendered goals.

Surrender to His direction and rise above the feeling that you can't or you won't -- with God's help, you absolutely can!

He has good plans in store.  Don't give up on them...


Daniele Evans

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