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A Cranky Wife's Life

A Cranky Wife's Life
A Cranky Wife's Life

A cranky wife cannot enjoy her day.

Her insides feel twisted as her mind has a difficult time processing anything except lamenting, “Why me?”  She is quick to get angry and even quicker at responding to her husband or children without thoughtfulness or patience.

Her face remains crinkled up as if disgusted at the way the day is going.  Agitation and irritation sit on either shoulder convincing her of why she should snap back to her loved ones with a lack of kindness that is sure to drive away any inconveniences. A cranky wife pursues self-preservation.  Her posture and her body language reveal her attitude and outlook on life.  She lacks peace and her heart longs for rest.

A cranky wife loses intimacy with her husband.

I know because I have been a cranky wife.  I have seen my husband’s face turn curious as he looks upon his bride who morphed from pleasant to nagging, peaceful to raging, content to disappointed, loving to unkind...wondering to himself, what happened?

The cranky can last only a few seconds or it can trickle into days, months, years.


Why do we let cranky be ok?

I have allowed my heart to justify why I can let “cranky” come out and rule my life.  In those moments of weakness, I hurt my husband.  I fail to communicate in a gentle way and I hurt my husband.  In an effort to reconcile, yet still affected by my attitude I say, “Sorry, I am just cranky.” (Not really an apology, but more of a justification for my right to act however I want, disregarding those around me.) It hurts my husband.

How can we as wives resolve to not be cranky?

It is a choice of surrendering your flesh.  In those moments where cranky wants to come out and expose how you feel, you have a choice to lay down your justifications, take a deep breath, and ask God to help you be better.

I acknowledge this has been a difficult challenge for me as a wife.  I easily let my circumstances dictate how I feel.  But in my heart I know I have a choice. I can choose to be better. My marriage will suffer if I don't.  I resolve to take a breath in those moments my flesh feels weak.  I resolve to think through my attitudes and actions before lashing out.  And I know that with God’s help I can change this part of my character and be a wife who does not allow cranky to rule.

Will you join me?

- Jennifer Smith

photo credit: unveiledwife

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