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5 Creative Ways for Busy Moms to Get Into The Word

5 Creative Ways for Busy Moms to Get Into The Word
5 Creative Ways for Busy Moms to Get Into The Word

I've never made too much over New Year's Resolutions.

But then again, it does seem a rather natural time to consider my priorities and assess my schedule. Is there anything I need to be doing differently? Do I have goals that I need to shift or re-emphasize?

Admittedly, there are number of changes I'd like to see in the New Year. But the biggest one has to do with my own life. To be quite honest, I'd like to be better about spending time in the Word.

Really, you too?

My challenge is that I happen to be a very busy lady. I've got tons of stuff going on and people (especially my little people) seem to keep demanding my attention. Taking up my time. Filling up my day.

Really, you too?

Well, since it seems I'm not the only one, I've compiled 5 creative ways that busy moms - people like you and me - can do to help us spend that wonderful, renewing time in the Word of God.

5 Creative Ways for Busy Moms to Get Into The Word

1)  Kitchen Sink Study: If you find yourself spending a fair amount of time in the kitchen? You can tack up Bible verses on the window sill (or a similar convenient location). Meditate on them. Memorize them. Drink it in. Ask God to speak to you while you're working.

2)  Blanket Bible Study: When my children were younger, after lunchtime I lay out a blanket for each and had them play quietly while I read to myself from a nearby chair. The "older" ones (ages 6 and 8) got to have children's Bibles of their own, while the younger ones (ages 5 and 3) had small toys to play with. The baby napped (hopefully!). It took a little training, but this became a truly delightful time for us all.

3)  Rise-N-Shine Study: This is probably my most painful one. I'm really NOT a morning person, so it requires a huge amount of effort for me to get up while it's still dark outside. But what a lovely way to start the day! It more than "paid off" so-to-speak. Precious Words read in those early morning hours.

4)  After-Lights-Out Study: This one is for the opposite end of the day. Once I got my nursing infant down for the evening, I tucked myself in with my Bible. Either my husband took the other children, or we put them down at a fairly decent (early) hour. Even though I was tired, that time in the Word often gave me a "second wind" and a renewed perspective.

5)  Good Morning Girls Study: Oh, how I wish I had this option when my children were all very young! I always had to bundle up my babies (no small feat!) to attend a Bible study.  But this is an online study to "inspire, encourage and equip women all over the world to get into God's Word."  - right from the comfort of your own home! You can learn more right here: .

Over the years, I've tried one or more of these and I've always been so very glad that I made the effort. The busier I am? The more stressed I am? The more tired I am? The more I need the Word of God to sustain me.

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Ps. 119:105)

Do you have any other "creative ways" to suggest? I hope you'll share them with us!

In His grace,

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