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Finding a Little Quiet in All the Busy

Finding a Little Quiet in all the Busy TBM

It was 5:30 am and I could hear him calling out over the balcony,


Not that this was unusual. It was his typical morning routine - and a rather painful one, I might add. After all, what mom wants to be woken up by loud shout from her little guy?

But it was like he couldn't help himself. He was so full of enthusiasm and excitement for what the day might hold.

"I don't know, Son...why don't we just take it slow today?"

Somehow that was never a good answer for him. He was looking forward to Big Plans and Lots of People. Like the rest of our children (who apparently take after their father).

Now don't get me wrong. I like people. And I like getting things done.

But I crave quiet too.

Not merely as a personal preference, but I'm convinced there's genuine value in pulling away from the noise and bustle of each day. I don't want our children to feel as though they always need to be doing and going and moving. Even the most outgoing children can benefit from a bit of tranquility. And it's most definitely a blessing to their busy mother.

So how do you find quiet in the midst of full and overflowing days?

While it's going to look different in each family, here's how it works in ours:

On most days after lunch and clean-up, our children go to their "assigned" spots for Rest Time which usually lasts for an hour or more. It's naptime for any and all sleepers. The younger non-sleepers listen to story CD's and either color or play with special toys reserved for this time. Our older children tend to use the early afternoon for reading or focused study.

And their mom? Mostly I use this opportunity for my personal devotions, then reading or writing. Sometimes I simply bask in the silence - thinking and praying. Listening, too. It's my refuel time.

Our children have grown to truly enjoy our restful routine. It seems to refresh their spirits, almost as much as it does mine. They play together more peacefully in the late afternoon, after their short break from each other and the world. They've heard some wonderful stories, colored some lovely pictures, and built a number of fantastic creations.

But more importantly, they're learning to quiet their hearts and be in a place where they can hear God's still, small voice. That Voice that can be lost in the constant noise. It's good to stop at some point and simply listen for Him.

Because even though I'm all for Big Plans and Lots of People, I also want to be able to come away where we can catch His gentle whisperings.

Found in a Little Quiet.

In His grace,

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