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10 Ways to Organize your Home on a Budget

How many times do I hear from people the excuse that they would organize more, but it's just too expensive to buy all the containers to keep things organized? A lot...and it's just that - an excuse!  Well, today you don't have that excuse any more! I've come up with ten ways to organize your home on a budget! budget organizing


You would be amazed what you can do with a hanger. You can use it to organize scarves, baseball hats, boots, sunglasses, mitten, ties, flip flops, posters, jewelery and more!

Cardboard boxes

Take an ordinary box you get in the mail or from Costco and leave it plain or dress it up with pretty paper or washi tape. Then, you can use it to organize toys, mail, clothes in your closet, under bed storage, and more!


I think jars are a fantastic and inexpensive way to organize lots of small things. You can keep the price down even more buy reusing spaghetti jars or pickle jars you get from the store. Organize buttons in small baby food jars, pencils or school supplies in mason jars, use large masons jars in your pantry to organize your goods and pantry staples, or use to keep anything small inside.


Cups that you may have just laying around that are mismatched or mugs that you don't really need a hundred of - use them to hold things in your pantry, crayons, and more similar to jars but are open tops.

 Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes are similar to cardboard boxes in they are basically the same thing, BUT they have lids on them and so you can store things that you may not want to see or that you don't want the dust to get into.


I love trays! I think I secretly collect them, but they are so useful. You can use them to corral all kinds of things and group jars or cups filled with paint brushes, and other tall items in those.


Binders are such a great way to organize your family's important papers and schedules, cleaning schedules, teaching schedules {for homeschooling Moms, especially}, bills, manuals...and much more! Binders aren't expensive - at a couple dollars a piece, it's a cheap way to get things in order.

Cereal Boxes

If you have left over cereal boxes, you can turn them into organizing containers! Use them to make a file folder organizer, cut them up to use as small drawer organizers, or even hang in a closet as a divider for kids' clothing.



We have a bunch of hooks around our house - we use for hanging up purses, behind the door for organizations, inside a closet for hanging brooms and mops, or inside a cupboards to clip recipes on or organize schedules.


If you aren't part of a free cycle group, you need to start one or find one. We have a freecycle group at our church and it has been such a blessing to see people in need receiving things and people who are clearing out clutter, blessing others for free! Google "how to start a freecycle group" and start one in your church. We even have a drop off area that our Elders allow us to leave for drop off and pick up that's not in the way of others.


Whatever ways you organize, be creative with your resources and you can make your home a place of comfort and relaxation for all who come into it - instead of cluttered and messy. Remember, you can't organize clutter, so a big part of organizing is about getting rid of your clutter. For more ideas on organizing on a budget, go HERE and you can find many more ways. If you don't know where to get started with clutter, go HERE for help! Be a blessing to others and your own family by having an organized home.


Happy Organizing,

Becky B.

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