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Vintage Mama {being a mom matters}

Being a mom matters! As moms, we are faced with a continual stream of media messages telling us we can "do more" and "be more.” We feel the constant pressure of a world that views each mother as "just a mom" and a culture that is turning its back on the family unit. Such messages trickle down even to our youngest children.

For example, several years ago we were a part of a group of homeschoolers that had a graduation celebration for its Kindergarten class. Because my daughter was part of this grade, our family attended the festivities. Food, beverages, public recognition, an inspiring story time, and even a mini-parade surrounded the diploma ceremony.

Before the conclusion of the event, students walked up to the podium and shared what they wanted to be when they grow up.  One by one, their declarations went something like this:

“I want to be a teacher.”

“I want to be the next American Idol.”

“I want to be a fire fighter.”

“I will play football.”

“I am going to be a doctor.”

Although students’ (somewhat predictable) statements had parents smiling with pride, I’m not sure anyone really believed the pronouncements should be taken too seriously.  However, each goal was a good one.

What was surprising, though, was not what was on the list, but what wasn’t...

Not one girl in my daughter’s kindergarten class said, “I want to be a mom when I grow up.”

My husband and I decided then and there that we wanted our daughter to know that being a mom was a noble profession. Someday we want her to experience the joy (and challenge) of being a mom, if God wills it.

And more than anything, we want her to reject the myth that being a mom is somehow less significant than other pursuits.  Why? Because nothing could be further from the truth.

Being a mom matters.

God has blessed us, entrusted us, and promised to empower us to live out this mission of motherhood. When the world tells us we need to "do more" and "be more", we must remember that it isn’t our place in life that matters right now; instead, it is our PURPOSE in life that matters.

When my children are one day grown, I hope to define my mothering years as some of the highest quality hours never to be punched for a paycheck, honored with an award or esteemed by executives.

Instead, this vintage mama aspires to raise the next generation of believers to love and serve God with all they have so they will spread His message of hope to His lost and dying people.

I am not “just a mom”... I am God’s change-agent for the world.

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