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3 Ways To Show Your Husband Respect

respect-your-husbandMen were designed with a need for respect.

Ephesians 5:33 specifically calls for every wife to respect her husband. I doubt God would have mentioned this unless it was a very important detail of His design! God created man with a need for respect. And we as wives are called to fulfill that need for our men.

But do we know what respect is?  

If we do not know what respect is, we cannot possibly express it towards our husbands. On the other hand, if we understand what respect is, we can confidently and intentionally express it towards our husbands.

According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, “Respect is defined as an act of giving someone particular attention, consideration, high or special regard. It is the quality or state of being esteemed.”

So what does respect look like in marriage?

Respect is honoring your husband by giving him attention, by considering his opinion and leadership, and it is esteeming him.

1. Attention

Some ways you can give your husband respectful attention include touches of affection, participating alongside him in a project or activity, making eye contact with him during conversations, genuinely listening and talking to him about things that matter to him, and finding ways to bless him through gifts or acts of service.

2. Consideration

Some ways you can show your husband respectful consideration include listening to his opinions, allowing him to lead your family, trusting in him, letting him make decisions, allowing him to do things for the family that might be different than your way,  and finding ways to meet his needs.

3. Esteem

Some ways you can respectfully esteem your husband include words of affirmation, complimenting how he is doing as a husband or father, sharing reasons with him why you love him, encourage him in front of others, cheer him on during tough times, and tell him that you respect him.

I hope that by exposing what respect is and sharing ways you can show your husband respect, you will be inspired to intentionally fulfill your husband’s need for respect. I challenge you to choose at least one of these ways to express respect towards your husband today!

What keeps you from showing your husband respect? Please share in the comments below.

 - Jennifer Smith

photo credit: @unveiledwife

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