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The Growly Books: A Journey for the Whole Family {Giveaway}


The excitement in our home has been almost palpable the last few days. For months now, we've been working hard on a book. A children's chapter book that is the tangible result of years of dreaming.

Something about the process has brought special joy to Phil and I. It's the fact that our girls have been included in the journey. They have not written the book, designed it, or done any of the actual work. Yet they have been by our sides throughout the process.

They've known that Daddy was getting up before dawn morning after morning to write. They peered over my shoulder as I did the first edits. We asked for their feedback when we named the characters, chose the color of the title on the cover, and more.

Why does this matter? Because when we include our children, the journey becomes richer, stronger, and more meaningful. I know that our girls will look back with fond memories of this process. Because it wasn't something that Daddy and Mommy did on their own. It was a project they felt included in.

As the first reviews for the book have come in, Phil and I have been so blessed to see that the same sense of togetherness is present when families read the book. Review after review carries the same theme, family time spent reading together:

"Whether it’s books for me, or for my children, I’m always on the look out for either. The best books are sometimes, the ones that are for all of us. Begin (the first of The Growly Books) is such a book." - Kris Camealy

"The very first night I started this book with the boys, it received the highest compliment it can get from them: ‘Keep reading, Mommy! And that went on chapter after chapter until we had read for much longer than any of us had planned!" - Erin Mohring

"My daughter and I started reading this together before bed the other night and she instantly talked me into reading 'just one more chapter!' After about 3 or 4 chapters with her, I picked it up and read it straight through for myself!" - Amanda White

Our hope was that this book would be something families could enjoy reading together. And it brings us special joy to see that becoming a reality.

About the Book

Growly 3D Book Medium

"For centuries the bears of Haven have lived quiet lives, high in the mountains at the edge of the great Precipice. That all changes for a young cub named Growly when he receives a mysterious message. With just his backpack and glider, Growly sets out on a desperate journey to find his grandfather’s long lost friend . . . and to find a way back home. Begin is the first book in The Growly Books series. Written for the 8-12 year old reading level, it is also a captivating read aloud for younger children and will appeal to anyone who appreciates stories of adventure and friendship. The book contains 35 chapters, with 13 beautiful illustrations by Annie of Be Small Studios."

The book is available now in both paperback and Kindle formats!


Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.22.53 PM

A Giveaway: Annie Barnett (Be Small Studios) is graciously offering a giveaway of an 8x10 print of an original pencil and hand-painted watercolor version of one of The Growly Books: Begin's illustrations. The image is printed on high-quality cold press matte paper, to replicate the feel and look of the original watercolor.

To enter join the Rafflecopter below: a Rafflecopter giveaway Erin crop (Darcy)

Erin’s heart for helping others achieve their goals is the foundation of her successful business, Design by Insight. Using her ability to ask the right questions, Erin captures the message of a project and translates that into a great design. Erin and her husband Phil have established a reputation for quality design, professional client relationships, and personal commitment to each project. Her book, Self Publish: Moving from Idea to Product (co-authored with Teri Lynne Underwood), gives writers the tools they need to effectively plan their own self-published projects. Erin and Phil’s first children’s chapter book, The Growly Books: Begin released in May 2013. You can also find Erin writing at her personal blog,

Erin lives in South Carolina with her husband Phil and their two daughters, and their home is usually a whirlwind of creative activity.

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