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Help Your Child Learn to Read {The Reading Lesson}

There is one aspect of the homeschooling journey that we all dread a bit. It causes a bit of sweat and tears, but in the end is so worth it. That is the task of teaching your child to read. Just when you feel like it is never going to work, it seems as if the skies open up and your child is a reading machine! I am now on to my third child that I am teaching to read. I started with a few different curriculums over the past two years, but after completing them I felt like we just needed something more. I was contacted by The Reading Lesson to review their product at the PERFECT time. I spent the last few months going through The Reading Lesson with my son Noah, and we love it! It is very simple to follow, not too overwhelming, and it works!

The Reading Lesson Teaching Your Child to Read

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Teaching your child to read doesn’t need to be confusing.

The Reading Lesson is an easy-to-use recipe to make learning to read painless for both parents and children. The program is the best way to take a child with no reading skills to about second grade level in reading. Never-too-hard and never-too-easy, step-by-step the lessons teach phonics and build the sight vocabulary. We make phonics easy without flashcards or worksheets – everything you need is right here in one book.

Written especially for young children - ages 3 to 7 - the Reading Lesson is all you need to teach your child to read. If your child is starting to show and interest in books, the Reading Lesson is the perfect tool to get started.

Many unique features of this course also make it useful for older children with reading difficulties. It has been used by many schools and parents for children with developmental delays and attention difficulties. The program was developed by Michael Levin M.D., a pediatric development/psychiatric specialist in San Ramon, CA. The program is used by thousands of homeschoolers and is 2nd Best selling reading program in the U.S. It’s popular because it’s simple and effective!

How does it work?

Each lesson begins with three to four sounds and introduces sight words as we go along. Word recognition skills develop through the use of key words. Once these key words are learned using Phonics, we encourage the child to read them as sight words to gain fluency. Certain words such as “you” and “do” are difficult to explain using the phonic principles. These and other such non-phonic words are presented as sight words.

The Reading Lesson works by first teaching the most common letters in the English language. This way, the child can begin reading words and simple stories from the very first lesson. There are no boring drills. All reading is context oriented. Simple sentences are read along with stories. Our goal is to give the children basic reading skills so they can begin to read independently.

The biggest reward is hearing your child say, “I can read!” after each lesson.

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