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15 Things Moms Wish They Knew Before Having Children

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Are you a mom to be or young woman who would like to have children one day?

I asked a group of ladies what things they wished they knew or had taken the time to learn before having children.  They gave a lot of good responses and I found the information helpful as I, a young single woman, prepare for my future family.

I have paraphrased some of the responses below:

1.)  I wish I knew that life would change drastically, constant interruptions and down-right difficult time but it’s worth every minute of it.

2.)  I wish I had been a better steward of my finances and thought more carefully about student loans so I didn’t have to worry so much about money issues when children came along.

3.)  I wish I had guarded my heart and body better and asked myself, “How will this choice affect me 20 years down the road?  How will it affect my future children?”

4.)  I wish I had learned to cook and prepare healthy food for my family before I was married with children so they didn’t have to be the ginny pigs.

5.)  I wish I knew that having children is way more about sanctification and sacrifice than luxury.

6.)  I wish I had learned to trust and rely on God more.  Some days are challenging and the future is uncertain.

7.)  I wish I had learned to make a routine for my devotions.  It’s so much harder to find time or be awake and alert enough when you have little ones.

8.)  I wish I had been more diligent about saving money.

9.)  I wish I had learned to be a better time manager.

10.)  I wish I understood that life will get crazy and you can’t always get everything done.

11.)  I wish I knew that “me” time would be limited and that I had realized earlier that Jesus bought us with his blood so all of our time should really be HIS time.

12.)  I wish I had spent more time around other children so I knew better what to expect and how to raise with my own.

13.)  I wish I had thought about what I believe about raising children and then made sure my husband and I were on the same page.

14.)  I wish I had learned how to be a godly wife for my husband because that also effects your children and parenting.

15.)  I wish I had known how important it was to have a support group you could rely on for friendship and practical encouragement.

Just one little note:  We can never be completely prepared for the joy of marriage or children and God can use even the most unprepared women but it is still wise to take time to learn and grow so we can be good examples of motherhood for His glory!



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