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6 Ways to making "Abs in the Kitchen" fun!

You've all heard it said...."30% Gym 70% Diet: Abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym." And as a fitness instructor and lover, I can attest to this being 100% true! So this tells me that you need to be spending some time in there if you want success! But I know for many of you, being in the kitchen is painstaking! You hate meal planning. You hate prepping snacks. You hate cleaning up. You hate it to be told that you have to spend time in there is well--depressing!

(And maybe you aren't looking to have good abs--that's ok. Total body weight loss needs to start in the kitchen!)

You could avoid all this by a.) hiring your own personal chef, b.) going out to eat all the time or c.) making the best of it.

I don't know what your budget is like but a and b aren't options for this house so I'll take option c!

Here are 6 ways that make my kitchen time much sweeter and enjoyable.

1.) Listen up!

I love to turn on radio, podcasts, or music while I'm in the kitchen! I kind of get in my own little world while I clean, chop, and divvy out things for the week once my mind is listening to something. Of course, this will be harder if you have little ones (or anyone!) in the house while you are doing it. So it may not always work, but I encourage you to try it.

2.) Kids in the Kitchen

I'm sure the thought of this makes some of you go crazy, but it really is an awesome way to kill two birds with one stone. I bring my two kids up to the counter with me and have them do small tasks. Sometimes it's "cutting" celery, or other times it's counting out carrots and adding in bags. Other times they are just sitting there coloring while I do my stuff. I think it's good for them to see the healthy foods in front of them and it also is good to see the work that mommy puts in for the family to eat through the week. :)


3.) Hubby hub hub hub

Some of you have built-in chefs at home. I do not. (He can make a mean omelet, though!) You could go one of two ways with this. 1.) Invite him to help wash, cut, chop, bag etc  the stuff with you....or 2.) Give him a snack or drink and have him chat with you during those 30 minutes. (For us, it's number 2. Haha) If you have small children at home, then turn on a show, set them up with a game or book, wait til bedtime, or give them some quiet time. This definitely can double as some catch up time for both of you!

4.) Get tooled up

There's nothing worse than spending time in the kitchen with an old set of utensils (knives, spoons, containers) or NOT having the RIGHT tools! I find that it's much easier to be in there when I've got some visual appeal. I need to make sure that what I have works, so maybe it's time to invest in a few key pieces. I also find that when I've got "cute" stuff, it makes it better for some reason. (Hello....pinterest?!) Keep your eye open for thing in the clearance aisles of Target or a kitchen appliance store. Rebuild your kitchen toolbox and see if that doesn't refresh your experience!


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5.) Create an environment

If you are going to spend 30+ minutes in there, you may as well like it! Light a candle, make a cup of tea, open the blinds or window, set some soothing music and get to it! While you are at it, get some cute looking splashes that will make you enjoy being there, such as a fresh bouquet of flowers, a new set of kitchen towels, a cute spoon rest, or a new fruit bowl. It really doesn't take much to add some pizzazz!


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6.) Shift your thinking

To me, time spent in the kitchen preparing and making food that makes my body run efficiently and with energy is not wasted time. It's not always my favorite thing to do when my computer or tv is calling, but it's a "necessary evil". (I don't like that term, but you get my point) None of the above tips will help if you are still doing it with a negative attitude. Ask God to revive your spirit in regards to your health and invite Him in the process! Why we exclude Him, I have no idea. :)

My theory in life is that there are just some things that I won't enjoy doing....but that are necessary to do for success. (This applies more than to just health.) So since I have to do it, why not enjoy it or make the most of it? I hope that some of these ways can take a drab experience for you in the kitchen and turn it up a notch to make it mutually beneficial for you and those you love who you are spending all this time for!

What are some ways that help you pass the time in the kitchen--whether it's dinner or weekly food prep?

Clare, Peak313

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